How to draw a Superhero

How to draw a Superhero

The team of is very fond of comics, and so today we want to show you how to draw a superhero. In this lesson, the team of gathered the most important and necessary points in order to draw a superhero. And as you can already see, our crew will show you how to draw a superhero an example of Superman – probably the most famous comic book hero.


Step 1

In the first stage of the lesson on how to draw a superhero, we traditionally depict a skeleton. As in other instructions, the first thing to do is depict the head, chest, and pelvis. Connect these details using simple lines. Using the same simple lines, depict the limbs of the hero.

how to draw a superhero easy

Step 2

We will need to depict a face, and for this we should depict auxiliary lines. These two lines should intersect in the center of the face. Using a cylindrical neck, connect the head to the neck. Next, connect the chest to the pelvis to create a torso. By the way, at you will find separate instructions about all these parts of the body.

how to draw a superhero step by step

Step 3

Now let’s depict the limbs, and start with the arms. The upper arms and forearms are depicted with the help of modified cylinders, and the joints are depicted in the form of balls. Our superhero is standing with his hands on his sides, but of course, you can portray them in a different pose.

how to draw a superhero by step by step

Step 4

Now we will make the same actions, but with the lower part of the superhero. The upper legs and shins should also be depicted as modified cylinders. The knees should also be depicted as balls. Complete this stage by depicting the feet, as in the example from the artists of

how to draw a superhero for beginners

Step 5

In the fifth stage, we will need the very lines that we depicted in the third stage. Start with the eyes, placing them on a horizontal line, then portray the eyebrows, nose, and mouth. In the same stage, depict a powerful square jaw. By the way, also has drawing tutorials about all these details too.

How to draw a Superhero

Step 6

Now let’s move to the superhero haircut. Many heroes wear masks that cover their entire heads, such as Spider-Man. But other heroes walk with their heads open, such as Supergirl. But let’s start with the ears, depicting them on the sides of the head, then go to the hairstyle itself, depicting it as in the example from the crew.

how to draw superhero cartoon images

Step 7

Now let’s portray the torso, or rather give it the final look. Trace the torso and depict pectoral muscles and abs on it. Next, depict the part of the cape that lies on the shoulders and the logo in the center of the chest. As we said above, we draw a superhero on the example of Superman, so we portray the famous pentagonal symbol.

how to draw a male superhero

Step 8

Now let’s get to the arms. Here we will need to trace them with smooth lines, highlighting all the muscles, as did the artists of the in the image below. Superheroes mainly have very large muscles, and it is very important to be able to portray them correctly.

how to draw a superhero picture

Step 9

Now we will do the same, but with the lower body of the superhero. Using smooth lines, trace the legs, highlighting all the muscles. Do not forget to depict a belt, shorts, and boots on his legs. Once again, we portray Superman but using our tips you can portray any superhero or villain.

how to draw a superhero simple

Step 10

Now, using long and smooth lines, depict a long hanging cape behind the hero’s back. Of course, not all heroes have a cape, that is, if you portray Wolverine, then you will not need to depict a cape.

superhero drawings

Step 11

Now, with a simple eraser, get rid of excess lines and trace the picture with sharper and more beautiful lines. Finish depicting the logo, as the artists did in the image below.

superhero drawings easy

Step 12

If you did everything right, then your superhero drawing should look something like the image below. So, let’s move on to the very last stage of the instruction on how to draw a superhero.

superhero drawing easy

Step 13

So, to paint the superhero, take some bright and beautiful colors. We decided to use the classic colors for the superhero – red and blue. But many heroes have different costumes, so the same Superman can also be in black or white costumes.

How to draw a Superhero

So, if the instruction on how to draw a superhero was useful for you, then write to us about it. Also, try portraying some other superhero or villain using the thirteen simple stages presented above. Subscribe to on social networks and send us your work, we are really looking forward to it.


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