How to Draw an Ear

How to draw ears

To be able to draw a human, you need to know how to draw an ear and other parts of the body. In this instruction, we will show how to draw an ear from two viewing angles.


Step 1

First, depict the upper tip of the ear using the U-shaped line. The form may repeat ours or be different.

Drawing lesson

Step 2

Now use the long line to depict the bottom of the ear. As you can see, the ear tapers smoothly closer to the bottom.

Drawing tutorial

Step 3

Now, using another smooth line, depict a cartilage inside the ear. These lines may also have a slightly different shape.

Ears drawing tutorial

Step 4

In this stage, we will actually finish drawing the ear. Here we depict the remaining lines of the cartilages.

How to draw ears step by step

Step 5

Wipe off the auxiliary lines from the artwork with an eraser. Trace the ear drawing with a dark pencil or ink.

How to draw human ears

Step 6

Now take your favorite color palette and paint the ear. Add some shadows to make the artwork more voluminous.

How to draw a human ear

So, we just showed you how to draw an ear from the front, and now we show you how to draw an ear from the side.


Step 1

So, approximately as in the previous example, take a pencil and depict the outline of the ear.

How to draw ears easy

Step 2

Now, using a pair of curved lines, depict a cartilage inside the outline depicted in the previous stage.

How to draw ears

Step 3

After that, using a few more curved lines, depict the remaining cartilages inside the ear. So, now your sketch should look like this.

How to draw an ear step by step

Step 4

Now take an eraser and clear all the auxiliary lines from the ear drawing. Trace the artwork with a darker pencil or ink.

How to draw an ear easy

Step 5

So, now take the skin color and paint the ear. Shadows and highlights will help your ear drawing look more voluminous and aesthetically pleasing.

How to draw an ear

So, did this instruction help you learn how to draw an ear? We are looking forward to your wishes and comments. We all read them and respond to many of them.

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