How to Draw a Rocket

how to draw a rocket

In one of the previous instructions, the team showed how to draw a spaceship, in this similar instruction we will show how to draw a rocket. This instruction is traditionally divided into several stages, in this case, six. The new lines of each stage are painted red to simplify drawing for aspiring artists.

Prepare your favorite art supplies, whether it’s pencil and paper or a graphics tablet, and immerse yourself in the process of creating a new work of art.


Step 1

Depict two straight parallel vertical lines. You can make these lines either with the help of a ruler or do without additional tools.

how to draw a rocket ship easy

Step 2

Now connect these two lines with a sharp geometric figure, creating the tip of the missile. By the way, to check the proportionality of the rocket drawing, look at it through the mirror.

how to draw a rocket step by step easy

Step 3

Now, using a straight horizontal line, depict the lower edge of the missile. Next, depict supporting parts on the sides with a few straight lines.

how to draw a rocket ship cartoon

Step 4

At the bottom, create three nozzles. It is with the help of these parts that the rocket rises into the air. By the way, you can depict smoke and fire coming out of these nozzles.

how to draw a rocket ship tutorial

Step 5

Now use two circles to create rocket portholes. You can depict two windows, as in the example by the artists of, or more. If you depict a combat rocket, then obviously there is no need to depict portholes there.

how to draw an easy rocket

Step 6

Take paints, colored pencils, felt-tip pens or other means and paint the rocket in blue or gray. These colors are the most standard for this object. But of course, you can color the rocket in any color. Also, you can also make some kind of inscription or pattern on the rocket drawing.

how to draw a rocket

The team believes that the instruction on how to draw a rocket was very simple. If you liked it, then visit other instructions from the Vehicles category on our website. Try to draw a car or truck from this category. Also, visit other categories on to improve your artistic skills.

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