How to Draw a Spaceship

how to draw a spaceship
Now is the time to present an instruction on how to draw a spaceship. You should not be afraid of this name – it will be a very simple drawing instruction. Below, the team of will show you six super easy stages. When you complete them, you will find that you created a very cool cartoon-style spaceship drawing.


Step 1

Let’s depict an outline of an object that looks like a bullet. Place this outline diagonally on your piece of paper. The pointed corner of the resulting figure should be directed upwards.

how to draw a spaceship step by step

Step 2

Now let’s depict the wings of the spaceship. As you can see, the wings vary greatly in size and location. They should not be made the same.

how to draw a spaceship easy

Step 3

In this stage, depcit a small rounded shape in front of our spaceship. It looks like the outline of a small window in a castle. These are the contours of the cabin.

how to draw a spaceship step by step easy

Step 4

We have almost completed this drawing of the spacecraft. Yes, we use a cartoon style, but it’s very easy to depict. Now we need todepict the contours of the rocket nozzle.

spaceship drawing tutorial for beginners

Step 5

Wipe off all the extra lines from your spaceship artwork. Also, make sure that you made all the proportions and angles without errors.

spaceship drawing tutorial

Step 6

Silver color is the traditional color for the outer layer of the spacecraft. Let’s use a light gray color to simulate a silver coating. The cabin should be painted over with a darker shade. Two white highlights on the cockpit will make our spaceship more complete.

how to draw a spaceship

So we finished this very simple drawing guide about how to draw a spaceship. We hope that all our readers will be able to create such a simple artwork. If you want more difficult lessons you can try to draw Captain America or another character from our site.

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