How to Draw an Anime Animal

How to Draw an Anime Animal

Readers of often asked us to show how to draw an anime animal. We decided to show it on the example of a little cute cat.

So, in order to start the instruction on how to draw an anime animal, you will need a pencil with a pen or a graphics tablet. If all of the above is in front of you, then let’s start the instruction on how to draw an anime animal!


Step 1

Begin to draw an anime cat with a head that looks like a small egg-shaped geometric figure. Do not try to make the lines too dark so as not to complicate the process of adding corrections for yourself in the upcoming stages.

how to draw anime animal eyes

Step 2

So, now depict the torso of the cat in the form of a figure similar to a pear. Using a pair of smooth lines, depict the tail of a cute animal.

how to draw anime animals step by step

Step 3

Using a pair of simple lines, depict the arms of a cute cat. Our cat is sitting, so its paws are in a very characteristic position for cats.

how to draw a cute anime animal

Step 4

On the chest, depict some hair with a series of short strokes. In the lower part, depict cute hind legs, as did the artists of

how to draw a cat anime animal

Step 5

Now depict huge expressive eyes. They consist of round pupils and almond-shaped eyelids. Repeat everything as the artists of did.

how to draw anime style animals

Step 6

Now depict the inner parts of the pupils. Next, depict a small and neat nose and mouth in the form of the number 3. By the way, you can also add whiskers.

anime animal drawings easy

Step 7

Now at the top of the head depict pointed ears. Do not forget to depict the inside of the ears, as the artists of did.

cute anime animal drawings

Step 8

Now take an eraser to remove all guidelines from the anime animal drawing. Now with a dark pencil or ink, make the anime cat drawing dark and aesthetic.

cute anime animal drawing

Step 9

Now take your favorite colors and paint the anime animal in any color. We decided to use purple for fur and green for the eyes. Do not forget to color the nose pink and leave glare in the eyes.

How to Draw an Anime Animal

You have long wanted and finally received an instruction on how to draw an anime animal. The team believes that it was very easy, and even the most inexperienced artists were able to learn how to draw an anime animal.


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