How to Draw a Cat

how to draw a cat

In this drawing guide we will show you how to draw a cat. There is an opinion that drawing a cat is very difficult. In fact, every aspiring artist will be able to do this. Do not believe? Watch how it works!


Step 1

First, we will depict the graceful outline of our cat. We depict a curved line of the back that extends into the tail. After that, we outline a couple of circles of the body. If you want to draw a thin cat, you should draw small circles. Do not forget about the small oval that designates the head.

how to draw a cat easy

Step 2

Draw the contours of the ears, eyes and mouth. Ears should be of different sizes and shapes. The eye looks like a small triangle. The front of the face looks like a truncated cone.

how to draw a cat step by step

Step 3

Connect the cat’s head and body with two smooth lines. The result should be a neck that expands smoothly in the direction from the head to the body. We will also circle the front legs of our kitty. Pay attention to the curves at the distal ends of the legs.

how to draw a cat for kids


Step 4

We continue to form the body of our cat with simple smooth lines. Now we should outline a smooth line that will form the contours of the abdomen. We also draw the second contour of the tail.

how to draw a cat by step by step

Step 5

We outline the contours of the hind legs. Be sure to pass the angles between the hip and lower leg. On the forepaw, this is an obtuse angle, and on the back paw, we see an almost right angle. A cat must be very flexible to catch mice, right?

how to draw a cat cartoon step by step


Step 6

Add the most typical cat pupil in the shape of a very narrow triangle as well as a couple of lines to outline the contours of the mouth. At the same stage, we outline several strokes under the ear to form the auricle.

how to draw a cat draw so cute

Step 7

Evaluate the whole picture. We note all inaccuracies and errors in the proportions. We erase all the extra lines on our kitty.

cat drawing easy

Step 8

Now we will color this cat. Choose any color to your taste. You can also mix several colors or choose an exotic shade. Do not forget to paint the eye with a dark green color.

how to draw a cat

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