How to Draw a Mouse

How to draw a mouse

In this simple step-by-step drawing instruction, the team of will show you how to draw a mouse.

This creature is so ubiquitous and famous that probably every aspiring artist sooner or later tried to draw it. But not everyone and not always succeeded in making a mouse drawing correct and beautiful, at least the first time.

In the steps presented below, we will try to outline the process of drawing a mouse in the most simple and affordable way. Thanks to this lesson, you can avoid mistakes in drawing this animal and you can achieve the most beautiful result.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a mouse with two ovals. The small oval will later turn into a head and the large into a torso. Try to make the lines light to make the process of adding fixes easier in the future.

How to draw a mouse easy

Step 2

Using two curved lines, depict the eye of the mouse. Next, depict a pointed nose, as the artists of did.

How to draw a mouse cartoon

Step 3

Using a small circle, depict the tip of the mouse’s nose. Next, depict the pupil inside the eye, as seen in the figure below these words.

Step 4

Now draw the characteristic large ears of the small animal. Ears should be large and rounded. Depict a line inside the ear as our artists did.

How to draw a mouse animal

Step 5

The front limbs of the small animal should be close to each other and be directly below the head. You can also add small and sharp, claws on the fingers.

How to draw a cute mouse easy

Step 6

Now let’s take care of the back limbs of the mouse. The hind limbs are drawn in much the same way as the forelimbs. Here you can also add claws.

Step 7

The mouse is known for its long tail. Depict the tail with two long and smooth lines. Look at your drawing and compare it with ours. If everything is correct, then go to the eighth stage.

How to draw a mouse easy step by step

Step 8

Now armed with the eraser methodically delete unnecessary guidelines as long as you achieve a beautiful and clean mouse drawing.

How to draw a mouse easy

Step 9

Take your favorite gray paints, pencils or felt-tip pens and colorize the mouse. But mice are not only gray but also brown, white or even spotty.

How to draw a mouse easily

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