How to Draw an Eye

How to draw an eye

The team of the believes that every artist should be able to draw a person, and for this, every artist must know how to draw an eye.

In order to be able to draw him correctly, you need to be able to correctly transfer all his details on a piece of paper. So, in this article, the crew of will show you how to draw an eye – one of the most complex details on a person’s face.


Step 1

Let’s create the outlines of the eye, trying not to put too much pressure on the pencil. Note that the eyes come in many different forms, but the main principles remain unchanged. The very shape of the eye is essentially two curved lines, as shown in the picture below.

How to draw an eye easy step by step

Step 2

Now depict the pupil, which is essentially an ordinary circle. Place the pupil in the outline of the eye so that the upper and lower parts are covered by the eyelids. Now our sketch is more like an eye drawing.

Steps to draw an eye

Step 3

Now depict the center of the pupil as a perfect circle. You can perform this simple geometric figure using a compass or your own efforts.

How to draw an eye step by step in pencil

Step 4

Now gently outline the boundaries of the upper and lower eyelids. They should practically repeat the lines drawn in the first step, but slightly approach these lines in the corners of the eye. Use a short curved line to create the tear duct.

How to draw an eye step by step easy

Step 5

Above the eye, draw a crease formed from the eye cavity under the skin. Just below the tear duct, make a couple of lines that will make the eye more voluminous.

How to draw an eye basic

Step 6

Draw the eyelashes. Make it using a large number of slightly curved lines. The lower eyelashes should be short and the upper ones slightly longer.

How to draw an eye for beginners

Step 7

If you did everything correctly, then your eye drawing should look something like in the image below this text. Let’s get down to coloring now.

How to draw an eye easy step by step

Step 8

Eyes, as well as skin, can be of many different colors, from realistic to fantastic. Having painted the skin and the pupil, do not forget to give a little tone to the sclera so that it does not look unnatural.

How to draw an eye

As already mentioned at the very beginning of the instruction, it is very important to be able to draw eyes and other parts of the body. Therefore, try to repeat our drawing as correctly as possible. Then practice creating eye sketches of various shapes and from different points of view. But you are unlikely to draw eyes separately from the rest of the face or body. Therefore, try to draw eyes as part of a holistic face portrait.


  1. Wow! Where did you get your inspiration from? You have helped me so much with my art work! I can even now draw kind of realistically thanks to your tutorials! 😀

  2. Thanks for the helpful tutorial! I was wondering if you had any tips on how to make the eyebrows and eyelashes look more realistic. When I tried, they looked too artificial. Any advice?

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