How to Draw Barbie

how to draw Barbie

This drawing lesson is about drawing the most famous doll in the world, and now we will show in detail how to draw Barbie.

This doll looks like a grown-up girl, not like a child, unlike many other dolls. The doll has movable arms, legs, and head. For such a doll, you can come up with beautiful outfits and thus create different images.

Barbie has a thin waist, long slender legs, gorgeous hair, and cute facial features. All these features make Barbie a favorite of millions of children, and for many years the doll has not lost its popularity. So, we hope you enjoy this step-by-step guide and have fun drawing Barbie.

Time needed: 50 minutes.

How to Draw Barbie

  1. Sketch the basics of the drawing.

    Firstly, draw the centerline and add three rounded shapes to mark the position of the head and to draw barbie dolls

  2. Mark the contour of the torso.

    Secondly, draw the neck, shoulders, and sides of the torso. On the head, make a marking with two crossing to draw barbie fairy

  3. Mark the position of the limbs.

    Thirdly, cross straight lines and small circles at the joints to mark the position of the arms and to draw barbie step by step

  4. Draw the eyes and eyebrows.

    Barbie has very beautiful, expressive eyes, so be especially careful at this to draw barbie doll

  5. Draw the nose and the mouth.

    Use a thin line to draw a small nose and add the mouth with rounded to draw barbie a fairy secret step by step

  6. Depict Barbie’s hair.

    Draw the outline of the hair with curved lines, and then add the hair line above the to draw barbie by step by step

  7. Draw some clothes.

    Barbie is dressed in a short fitted sleeveless T-shirt. So, use curved lines to depict to draw barbie basic

  8. Draw the arms.

    Use auxiliary lines to draw the arms. Add volume to the arms by drawing parallel to draw beautiful barbie step by step

  9. Outline the hands.

    Look carefully at the example and try to draw the same to draw barbie full body step by step easy

  10. Draw the skirt.

    First draw a small belt, then draw even lines on the sides and one connecting line at the to draw barbie tutorial

  11. Depict the legs.

    Add volume to the legs with smooth lines. Try to correctly depict all the natural to draw barbie so cute

  12. Add the shoes.

    Barbie is wearing sandals that almost reach her ankles and have a to draw barbie slowly

  13. Correct the inaccuracies.

    Now remove the auxiliary lines and correct inaccuracies if necessary.barbie drawing easy

  14. Color Barbie.

    Use any natural shade to color the skin. Also, use pink, black, blue, and to draw Barbie

Now, you have learned how to draw a wonderful Barbie doll. You can use these skills when you want to draw any model girl. Imagine yourself as a designer and make up beautiful outfits for the dolls you draw.

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