How to Draw a Baby

how to draw a baby

In the previous instructions, the team of showed you how to portray adults, and now we will show you how to draw a baby. By tradition, the crew of tried to make this instruction as simple and understandable as possible for everyone.


Step 1

It doesn’t matter whether we are portraying an adult or a child, we need to start with the skeleton. Firstly, we depict the head, chest, and pelvis in the form of ovals. The limbs and spine should be depicted as simple lines.

how to draw a baby cartoon

Step 2

To properly portray a face, we need to mark two intersecting lines. The convergence point will be exactly in the nose bridge region. Next, depict the torso, as the artists of did in the image below.

how to draw a baby easy

Step 3

Now let’s portray the arms of the baby. They are much simpler than the arms of an adult because they look like two sausages. Outline the hands in the shape of two balls.

how to draw a baby easy step by step

Step 4

Now legs. They are actually even simpler than the arms. Depict them with a pair of curved lines. Next, depict the feet as in the example from the artists of

how to draw a baby step by step

Step 5

Starting from this stage we will depict the face of the baby. Firstly, take care of the eyes, then portray a small nose and lips. Remember to portray the neat eyebrows.

baby drawing easy

Step 6

Using a few smooth lines, depict chubby and round cheeks. Next, portray a visible ear and complete the sixth stage of the instruction on how to draw a baby by depicting a hairline.

baby drawing cartoon

Step 7

Now depict the arms of the baby that are as puffy as the cheeks. Using smooth, rounded lines, depict arms and remember to depict the hands with small and round fingers.

baby drawing pictures

Step 8

Now, using a few simple lines, portray a torso, as the artists of did in the example below. Remember to depict a line of diapers.

baby drawing simple

Step 9

Now let’s depict the feet of the baby, or rather, small and puffy fingers. Try to repeat everything as artists of did in the image below.

baby drawing amazing

Step 10

Now get rid of guidelines from the baby drawing with the help of an eraser. Make the image more beautiful and aesthetic with a darker pencil or ink.

a baby drawing easy

Step 11

Now is the time to paint the baby. Here you can use any colors, both natural and more unusual, for example, blue color if you draw a baby smurf.

how to draw a baby

And that’s all, dear readers of The guide on how to draw a baby came to an end. Write in the comments which articles you would like to see in the future on and share your drawings with us on our social networks because we are very interested in what kind of artworks you make based on our instructions.

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