How to Draw a Face

How to draw a face

In this very simple instruction, the command of will show you how to draw a face. This instruction will be necessary if you want to portray a human.


Step 1

So, we begin to draw the face from the base itself, that is, from the outlines of the head. The head can be similar to an example from the artists of and have a different shape. Lines should be as light as possible.

How to sketch a face

Step 2

To accurately display the details of the face, first, you need to portray the guidelines. The vertical line is the middle of the face, and the horizontal is the location of the eyes. These two lines should connect exactly in the center of the face.

Face drawing lesson

Step 3

Using two semi-ovals, depict the upper eyelids using the horizontal line from the previous stage. Depict the location of the nose and mouth just below, and the location of the hairline above.

Face drawing guide

Step 4

Now, using a couple more semi-ovals, portray the lower eyelids, forming the eyes. Then, with the help of circles, depict the pupils, as did the artists of the in the image below.

How do you draw a face

Step 5

Portray the eyebrows above the eyes, the shape of which you can either repeat from an example of the artists of or come up with your own shape.

Steps to draw a face

Step 6

So, let’s now depict the nose. First, portray the bridge of the nose, then the tip of the nose and nostrils. The nose can look either as in the example from the artists of or have a different shape.

How to draw a face shape

Step 7

So let’s now portray the mouth. First depict the central line, guided by a dash from the third stage, then create the upper and lower lips.

How to draw a face and head

Step 8

So, let’s now depict the jaw. The male jaw is predominantly slightly larger, wider and more powerful, while the female jaw is slightly smaller and neater.

How to draw a face and hair

Step 9

Depict the ears on the sides of the head. The upper tip is located at the level of the eyebrows, and the lower tip is at the level of the tip of the nose.

How to draw a face step by step

Step 10

Now let’s depict a line of hair, guided by a dash that was depicted in the third stage. The hairline may also be different for different people.

Face drawing tutorial

Step 11

So, in this stage, we will complete the depiction of hair. Either repeat the hairstyle from the example from the artists of or create your own hairstyle.

How to draw a face easy

Step 12

So, now take an eraser and use it to wipe off all guidelines from the face. To make the face drawing clearer and more aesthetic, trace it with a darker pencil or ink.

How to draw a face easy

Step 13

So, now take your favorite colors and paint the face. You can use the color palette from the artists of or come up with your own color palette.

How to draw a face

So, the basic and so important instruction on how to draw a face has come to an end. Write to us if it was useful to you. The team of reads all your comments and answers many of them.

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