How to Draw Captain America

how to draw captain america

In this drawing instruction, we will tell you how to draw Captain America. We decided to introduce you to the appearance of the hero that you could see in the Marvel movies. This lesson is important to us because Captain America is not an ordinary comic book character. He is an embodiment of freedom and humanistic values. There is no Avengers team without Captain America.


Step 1

Let’s draw three rounded shapes that form the human body. These figures are the head, chest and, pelvis. In our case, the height of the chest should slightly exceed the height of the head. The chest should be much wider than the pelvis. These proportions form the figure of an athletically developed middle-aged man.

how to draw captain america easy

Step 2

In this step, we will use only straight lines. The first thing we portray is the usual straight line from the face to the pelvis. After that, we depict the arms and legs using the same straight lines. Also, we draw large joints in the form of small balls.

how to draw captain america step by step

Step 3

In this stage, we will connect the body parts that we sketched in the previous stages. First, connect the head and thorax with the neck. This is a short wide cylinder with a beveled upper edge. After that, we connect the chest and pelvis. If you have drawn the correct sizes of the chest and pelvis, then you should get the oblique lines that connect them. If you have direct lines, check the sizes of these body parts.

Also in this step, we will depict two intersecting lines on the face that will correspond to the middle of the face and the location of the eyes.

how to draw captain america comic

Step 4

Let’s depict the contours of the arms. Use the direct lines from the beginning of this tutorial as a reference point. Round figures clearly divide the arm into the shoulder and forearm. The shoulder is located between the shoulder and elbow joints. The forearm is the area between the elbow joint and the wrist. Narrowings are hardly noticeable on the shoulder. The forearm has a significant narrowing towards the hand.

how to draw captain america chris evans

Step 5

The actions from this step are very similar to the actions from the previous step. We likewise divide the limb into conditional parts and form their silhouettes. In this case, the main reference point is the knee articulation. The part of the leg that is located above the knee articulation is the thigh. The part of the leg that extends from the knee to the foot is called the shin.

The hips of our hero have a minimal narrowing. The lower legs also have a slight narrowing. In fact, in an athletically developed person, the narrowing from the lower leg to the foot is very noticeable. The fact is that Captain America is dressed in tight massive pants.

how to draw captain america with colour

Step 6

Now let’s depict the facial features of Captain America. The pupils of the eyes are very close to the eyebrows. The remaining elements of the face and head are hidden by the mask that we will draw in the next stage.

how to draw captain america very easy

Step 7

Let’s work with the elements of the mask. You can see the fabric that hides the chin and the upper part of the head leaving cutouts for the eyes and ear. Do not forget to draw the letter “A” on the forehead of our hero.

how to draw captain america in easy way

Step 8

You doubtless know that in different comics, Steve Rogers has a different look. In this lesson, we draw Captain America in clothing that was featured in the films of the Marvel Universe. Therefore, we draw a fitted jacket with a small collar and a small star in the thorax.

learn how to draw captain america

Step 9

So we continue the drawing instruction on how to draw Captain America by pencil. On the lower body, we will depict vertical stripes that converge to the belt. These strips should be slightly oblique. In the right case, these strips should emphasize a narrow waist and a wide chest.

how to draw captain america pictures

Step 10

We circle the arms of our hero with the final contours. Note that the contours in this step should form larger and more massive arms than in the initial stages.

how to draw captain america tutorial

Step 11

Character hands are always the hardest part of the drawing lesson. In this lesson, we see only one hand and shield. To draw one fist you should depict an angular figure that is separated by short parallel lines.
how to draw captain america with easy steps

Step 12

In this step, we will depict the legs of Captain America. The contours of the pants should be wider than the approximate contours of the legs from the fifth step. The knee joints on the pants should be slightly different from the knee joints on the legs that we painted earlier.

captain america drawing easy

Step 13

Now let’s take the time for Captain’s unchanging weapons. We will depict stripes on the Captain’s shield which, from our perspective, have the shape of an oval. In the center, we draw a star.

By the way, doesn’t it seem quite symbolic to you that the Captain has no other weapon? A shield is a thing that does no harm but only protects against attack. The main purpose of our hero is protection, not harm.

captain america drawing cartoon

Step 14

We got a practically finished superhero. We should delete all the extra lines from the previous steps, finally draw the folds on the clothes and other small details that form the overall impression.

captain america drawing step by step

Step 15

Let’s colorize our hero. The shape of the costume is slightly different from our usual appearance, however, the color scheme, as always, is sustained in the colors of Stars & Stripes.

Small shadows should look like areas of a darker shade of the same color that you used to paint the light areas. Shadows should lie on the lateral edges of the shape of Captain America.

how to draw captain america

Today it is the longest and most comprehensive lesson on our site. We hope you get a great drawing. Soon we will draw other comic book heroes. Waiting for you again!

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