How to Draw an Owl

How to Draw an Owl

In this drawing guide, we will show you how to draw an owl. We will try to decompose this drawing into the simplest steps so that every novice artist can do this.


Step 1

Firstly, we outline the body and head of this beautiful bird. The head of this owl looks like a regular circle. The body looks like an elongated asymmetrical oval. Approximately a third of the head should be crossed by the body.

how to draw an owl easy

Step 2

It will be a really short and easy step. Here we connect the head and body with a pair of smooth lateral lines. We also depict a pair of oblique lines inside the contour of the head to outline the eyebrows of our owl.

how to draw an owl for kids


Step 3

Add a pair of rounded eyes. Please note that the eyes of this owl seem to intersect with eyebrow lines. This artistic technique creates the effect of a serious frown. The pupils should occupy most of the space inside the contour of the eye.

how to draw an owl easy step by step


Step 4

So we continue the guide on how how to draw an owl. Let’s add some details. This beautiful owl is clearly not prevented by a small beak. Make the gloomy owls even more impressive. To do this, we need to fluff these eyebrows a little.

how to draw an owl step by step


Step 5

Did you sleep well tonight? We hope you have a great night’s sleep. If you sleep poorly, you may have bags under your eyes. Let’s draw it and wish it was only on paper.

how to draw an owl step by step easy


Step 6

It is always very important to determine the picture angle. In our case, the owl is slightly deployed. Because of this, we see only one wing. By the way, that is why the oval from the first step was asymmetrical. Let’s draw the contours of this wing and a few lines of the upper parts of the legs.

how to draw an owl step by step with pictures


Step 7

Each bird has clawed legs. An owl is a pretty cute bird, but the owl has powerful legs. So, we depict short powerful fingers and sharp rounded claws.

how to draw an owl cute


Step 8

We got to the tail of our owl. Let’s draw a small tail with oblique lines that converge toward the center. You can draw a longer or shorter tail at your discretion. The lines that form the tail do not have to be the same and symmetrical.

how to draw an owl colored pencils


Step 9

You probably like this step the most. Here we only need to erase the excess lines and circle the drawing with the help of more confident final contours. If you did not make significant mistakes in the previous steps, you will not experience much difficulty in this step.

how to draw an owl drawings


Step 10

So let’s use colors to make our owl perfectly finished. As the main color, you can choose light gray, dark gray, or brown as in our sample. Do not forget about the bright yellow eyes – this is a very memorable detail in the appearance of any owl.

In addition, don’t forget the shadows. A darker shade of the main color will be an excellent choice for applying small shadows.

How to Draw an Owl

We hope you enjoyed this drawing tutorial on how to draw an owl. You can also take a look at other drawing lessons for birds and animals, such as the guide on how to draw a crane bird or how to draw a cheetah.

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