How to Draw a Crane Bird

how to draw a crane bird

Both the team and our readers are very fond of drawing animals, so now we will show you how to draw a crane bird easy and very quick.

As the name of our site shows, we tell how to draw easily, and therefore the current instruction will be traditionally simple and straightforward.

So, grab your favorite art supplies and let’s get down to the article on how to draw a bird crane!


Step 1

First, depict the head and torso in the form of two simple ovals. Next, with one long and strongly curved line, connect these two parts.

how to draw a crane bird step by step

Step 2

Now portray a long triangular beak. In the center, depict a section of the mouth, as the artists of did in the image below.

how to draw a crane bird easy

Step 3

After that, using a small circle, portray the eye of the crane. Then, using another curved line repeating the line from the first stage, finish portraying the neck.

how to draw a crane bird step by step easy

Step 4

Now, using a few long lines, depict the long and thin legs, given the joints, as did the artists of in the sketch below.

crane bird drawing

Step 5

Now finish drawing the crane legs by depicting long and thin fingers with short and sharp claws at the tips.

crane bird drawing easy

Step 6

Now go to the back of the bird and carefully depict the long hanging feathers of the tail. At this point, your bird drawing should look something like this.

crane bird drawing picture

Step 7

Now let’s draw the wings of the crane. Firstly, portray the shape of the wing, then use a large number of straight lines to depict the plumage.

crane bird drawing step by step

Step 8

Now take an eraser and use it to wipe off the guidelines from the crane bird drawing. Now trace the crane drawing with darker lines so that it looks more voluminous and aesthetically pleasing.

crane bird pencil drawing

Step 9

Now let’s paint the crane bird. You can use the color palette provided by the artists of or come up with your own colors.

how to draw a crane bird

So, dear readers of, we are now at the very end of the instruction on how to draw a crane bird. In the introduction to this article, we said that it would be very easy. Were we right? Did you cope with the task easily? Write to us about it and share your artworks in our social networks.

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