How to Draw a Feather

how to draw a feather

Do you want to learn how to draw a feather? If you are reading these lines, then most likely yes, you want to know how to draw a feather. The five stages below will show you that it is super easy. We highlighted the new lines of each stage in red to simplify the learning process as much as possible.


Step 1

First, depict the rachis (the central part). This part, also called a shaft, is drawn from two long lines converging at one point on one side and one short line connecting these lines on the other side.

how to draw a feather step by step

Step 2

Now depict the edges in the form of a large oval. You can give your feather either a shape as in our example, or make it thicker or thinner.

how to draw a feather easy

Step 3

Use a few lines to create a texture. Our drawn feather should be denser at the tip, and less dense closer to the root. All barbs must be made using curved lines.

easy way to draw a feather

Step 4

Now arm yourself with an eraser and wipe off all guidelines from the feather drawing. Next, depict additional lines of barbs as shown in the example made by the artists of If your feather drawing looks like ours, then go to the last stage, where we will colorize the feather.

how to draw little feather

Step 5

Let’s paint the feather now. It can be of a variety of colors, because the brightest animals are birds, that is, the owners of these very feathers. You are free to use not only any color but of course any tool for painting the feather, whether it be colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints.

how to draw a feather

Five simple stages behind, and now you know how to draw a feather. This instruction will be very useful for anyone who wants to be able to create a still life. The feather will look very nice next to a book, candle, and glasses. Also, this knowledge will be useful to you if you want to portray a bird.

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