How to Draw a Book

Do you want to learn how to draw a book? If you have come to this page, then most likely you really want to learn books.

This ancient source of knowledge is simple enough to depict, and in this very simple seven-step instruction the team of will show how to do this in great detail.

As you can see, this lesson is about how to depict an open book, but if you want to see a lesson about a closed book, write to us in the comments.


Step 1

In order to correctly and accurately depict a book, first, we depict the cover in the form of a trapezoid figure. You can use a ruler to make the lines smooth and beautiful. It is very important to observe proportionality when creating this trapezoid so that in the later steps you do not encounter disproportionality of the picture.

Step 2

Now, using four curved and three straight lines, depict the contours of the upper pages of the book. One sheet should essentially be a mirror image of the second sheet. If you did everything right, then your book artwork
should now look like this.

Step 3

This stage of the lesson on how to draw a book will be super simple. Here we will need to draw sheets located under those that were drawn in the previous stage. In shape, these sheets should repeat those that we drew a stage earlier.

Step 4

In the central part depict the headband of the book using a simple semicircle. Next, depict the remaining pages of the book as shown in our example below.

Step 5

To make your book artwork more realistic, add some volume to the cover. Using a few long and straight lines, depict all the details as artists did.

Step 6

So, now is the time for an eraser. Grab it in your hands and carefully remove unnecessary lines. Now your picture of the book should cease to be transparent, and got the final look.

Step 7

To give your book artwork a final look, add some color and shadows. You are free to paint the book in any color. In our example, you can see the blue cover and slightly gray-yellow pages.

So, we divided the instruction on how to depict a book into seven very simple steps, to make the lesson really simple. Try to repeat this book picture, adding any changes and additions, for example, text on the pages. Also try to place the drawn book next to other objects (for example, an apple or an arrow), thus creating a beautiful still life.

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