How to Draw an Arrow

How to draw an arrow easy

In this very simple drawing instruction the team of the will tell you how to draw an arrow easy and fast. In fact, an arrow is literally a super simple object, which can be depicted with the help of several straight lines. The arrow consists of three parts: a shaft, a head (or a tip) and a tail. All these details, as mentioned above, can be depicted using straight lines, using a ruler or any other auxiliary items. But for more introduction to the art of drawing, we strongly advise you not to use anything like that.


Step 1

We will start drawing an arrow from the shaft. Using translucent lines draw a very long and thin rectangle. You can choose the length yourself, depending on how long your arrow will be.

How to draw an arrow for beginners

Step 2

Now draw a sharp arrowhead. It is a figure that looks like a triangle. The tip of the arrow can be drawn using thick and clear lines, since no corrections in this detail will be made in future stages.

How to draw an arrow step by step

Step 3

Now we make a light sketch of the fletching. On both sides of our long rectangle, depict two figures that look like parallelograms. They are a mirror image of each other. In this step, your artwork should already look like an arrow drawing.

How to draw an arrow fast and easy

Step 4

Let’s make outlines of the feathers. Depict the same number of sloping lines on both parts of the fletching. Lines must be clear and even. If you performed everything right, then your drawing of an arrow should be similar to what the artists of have drawn.

How to draw an arrow easy

Step 5

It’s time to add color and some realism to our arrow drawing. In our case, we create a steel gray tip, a wooden brown shaft and a yellow plumage. Colors can be, of course, any color. You can also add shadows to make the arrow sketch more voluminous.

How to draw an arrow

For your convenience, we have created a shortened version of the instruction. Download it to your device, or save it on your social networks to access it at any time.

How to draw an arrow easy

We are glad that you visited our drawing instruction on how to draw an arrow easy. You can depict arrows with different tips and feathers. Make your arrow artwork a different color or add some patterns to the tip. And don’t forget to take a look at other drawing instructions, created by the team of

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