How to Draw an Apple

How to draw an apple

This instruction will be a kind of basic for many artists, because today the team of will show you how to draw an apple easily and simply. As soon as a novice artist picks up a pencil, one of the first things that he will draw is likely to be an apple.

But do everyone draw apples correctly?

Most likely not. And in this very simple seven-step lesson, we will show how to draw an apple in such a way that even the most novice artist can do it most correctly.


Step 1

All our drawing lessons start with simple geometric shapes, and the instruction on how to draw an apple is no exception. An apple is a fairly simple object, based on a simple circle. So, depict a circle that does not have to be perfectly flat.

How to draw an apple for beginners

Step 2

Now let’s start giving our apple sketch a more natural look. Let’s start from the top of the fruit by drawing the outlines of the upper edge using two simple curved lines.

How to sketch an apple

Step 3

Apples are rarely perfectly round, right? In the third step, we will make our apple drawing more natural, giving it a more realistic shape. For this, draw two lines on the sides, slightly narrowing the contours of the fruit.

How to draw an apple easy step by step

Step 4

In the fourth stage, we will finish giving the apple sketch a final look. Using a line similar to the capital letter W, form the bottom face of the apple.

How to draw apples

Step 5

Now is the time to use an eraser. Take this simple tool and delete the unnecessary lines that we created in the first stage. Your apple artwork should now look something like this.

How to draw an apple easy

Step 6

To make this fruit sketch look more like an apple, let’s add a stem. This part of the apple consists of two slightly curved lines and a small oval at the very top.

How to draw a fruit

Step 7

You can leave your apple picture black and white, or add some color and shadows. This will give your work of art a more realistic and “tasty” look. You can color your apple either in red (as in our picture), green or yellow.

How to draw an apple

So, for whom is this drawing lesson really useful?

First of all, for beginner artists who want to be able to draw such simple objects. Secondly, for those who want to improve their knowledge in the field of drawing.

This lesson will also be useful to those who want to learn how to draw beautiful and full-fledged still lifes.

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