How to Draw a Candle

This drawing lesson will teach you how to draw a candle, a burning candle, to be precise. Readers of very often asked us to show how to draw a candle, so we decided to do this instruction especially for you.

So, prepare your favorite pencil, paper and eraser to begin the interesting and informative process of drawing a candle.


Step 1

Any candle is based on the usual vertical rectangle. Depict this simplest rectangle as artists of did. Do not try to make the rectangle too smooth and beautiful, because in the next steps we will repeatedly make changes to the picture.

Step 2

While our drawing looks like a regular rectangle, in the second stage we will make this sketch more like a candle drawing. To do this, draw melted wax on the top using uneven lines. There should be a recess in the upper part of the molten wax, and the dripping liquid wax should have a slightly different shape and length.

Step 3

This stage of the instruction on how to draw a candle will be the easiest, but at the same time very important, because it is at this step that this sketch will become like a candle drawing. So, in the upper part depict the wick. Make the bottom of the candle round with a slightly curved line.

Step 4

In this step, we will essentially complete the most basic actions. Using a pair of very simple lines, draw fire at the tip of the wick, as the team of did. The flame of a candle should look like a leaf of a tree, you can draw a flame of different sizes, whatever you want.

Step 5

In this stage you will not need a pencil, here we will use an eraser. With the help of this simple tool, erase all unnecessary auxiliary lines from the candle sketch to give it a finished and beautiful look. Darken the whole picture with dark and clear lines, at this stage your drawing may already be finished, but we want to make it bright and colorful.

Step 6

You can leave your candles drawing either black and white, as in the fifth step, or add some color and shadows. We decided to paint the candle itself in brown-yellow color, and the fire in the standard for the fire yellow and red.

Our guide on how to draw a candle has come to an end. But you can improve your artwork by making a candle of a different color and so on. is filled with other great instructions on completely different topics (for example, our lessons about apple or eye). If you are interested, be sure to look at them too.

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