How to Draw Glasses

how to draw glasses

As you know, specializes in creating very simple drawing instructions. And today we want to show how to draw glasses in our simple style.

We have traditionally laid out this instruction in five very simple stages so that our readers do not encounter difficulties throughout the process of creating a work of art. So, if you have prepared all the necessary tools, then let’s start the process of sketching glasses.


Step 1

Glasses come in many different shapes, but we decided to choose a shape that is somewhat similar to classic Ray-Ban glasses. We begin the initial stage with a simple rectangle, which is transformed further into the front surface of the glasses.

How to draw glasses

Step 2

Let’s give the glasses a more appropriate shape. To begin with, let’s draw a notch for the nose and round the lower corners.

How to draw glasses for beginners

Step 3

Now let’s draw the lenses. In our example, the lenses have sharp upper corners and rounded lower ones. But of course, you can give your glasses any shape.

How to draw cartoon glasses

Step 4

Now we depict the temples of the glasses with the help of two long and slightly bent lines. You can depict the shape of the temples as in our example, or modify them as you wish.

Step 5

Using a couple more simple lines, we create the lower edges of the arches, as the artists of did. As we wrote earlier, you can give the temples any shape.

How to draw cute glasses

Step 6

So, let’s clear our drawing of excess lines. Take an eraser and carefully remove the auxiliary guidelines that we sketched in the first stages. Make the lines of the picture a little darker or trace with ink or a black pen (or dark pencil).

Easy way to draw eyeglasses

Step 7

Your drawing of glasses can remain black and white, as in the sixth step, or give it some shadows and colors. The team decided to color the sketch of the glasses in light blue and the lenses in dark color. But you can paint your glasses in any other color, and make the lenses transparent, but most importantly, do not forget to depict a couple of glare on the lenses.

How to draw glasses simple

To diversify your drawing, try to draw glasses again, but slightly altering the shape of the lenses and temples. And if you want to learn how to draw something else, visit the rest of the pages. There you will find art instructions about everything in the world.

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