How to Draw Superman

how to draw superman

Do you want to learn how to draw Superman? If so, then this super simple drawing instruction is made especially for you.

The team of really loves superheroes. We have already painted Batman and Captain America, and have long wanted to draw Superman, one of the first superheroes.

So, the instruction on how to draw Superman is ready, so prepare your favorite art supplies and let’s get started!


Step 1

Let’s start drawing Superman from the skeleton. Depict the head, chest, and pelvis in the form of ovals. The limbs and spine should be depicted as simple lines.

how to draw superman step by step

Step 2

Simple cross lines on the head will help portray the features of the face. Next, connect the head with the torso and the chest to the pelvis.

how to draw easy superman

Step 3

Now let’s give the arms a little volume. The shoulders and elbow joints should be depicted in the form of balls, and the upper and lower arms in the form of cylinders.

how to draw superman cute and easy

Step 4

Now let’s take care of the legs of the legendary hero. Depict the legs as slightly modified cylinders and the knees as balls. Complete stage four by sketching feet.

how to draw superman cartoon step by step

Step 5

The blank of the hero is ready, it’s time to do the details. Using the cross lines of the head, portray the face of Superman. In the same stage, depict hair and ears.

how to draw classic superman

Step 6

Give Superman’s torso a more muscular appearance. Next, depict part of the cape on the shoulders and the outlines of the logo in the center of the chest.

how to draw superman draw so cute

Step 7

Now give the arms a more muscular look, highlighting all muscle groups, as did the artists of Here deltoids, biceps, triceps, and forearms should be clearly visible.

how to draw superman pencil drawing

Step 8

At the waist, depict a belt with a buckle in the center. Now depict shorts and boots, give the legs a smoother look. By the way, do not forget to depict the belt loops on the sides of the buckle.

how to draw superman easy step by step

Step 9

Clark Kent has a very big and strong jaw. Give this jaw a recognizable look, as did the artists of in the sketch below. Do not forget to depict a strand of hair in the form of the letter S on the forehead.

how to draw superman very easy

Step 10

A rather complicated stage in which we will depict the letter S on the chest. Try to repeat everything exactly as the artists of did. Depict the abbs just below.

how to draw superman in cartoon

Step 11

Now take an eraser and clean the entire top of Superman from guidelines. Use a dark pencil or ink to trace the upper body. This will give Superman drawing a cleaner and more aesthetic look.

superman drawing easy

Step 12

Now again use an eraser to wipe off all remaining guidelines from the Superman drawing. Depict the knee joints and the visible portion of the thigh quadriceps.

superman drawing with color

Step 13

Along with a huge powerful jaw and the S sign, another distinctive feature of Superman is his cape. Depict it with a few long and smooth lines.

superman drawing images

Step 14

Finish depicting the cape by creating its lower part using a curved line. Do not forget to add a few folds, as the artists of did in the sketch below.

superman drawing step by step

Step 15

So, if you did everything right, and exactly followed the instructions from the artists of, then your Superman drawing should look something like this:

superman drawing arts

Step 16

Now take the well-known colors and paint Superman. You can also paint his costume black to get a dark Superman costume.

how to draw superman

So, we drew Man of Steel using a rather non-standard way. Do you think it was easy to learn how to draw Superman using this sixteen stage instruction? Write to us about this, because we read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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