How to Draw a Child

how to draw a child

So, do you want to learn how to draw a child? If so, then this instruction on how to draw a child is made especially for you! The instructions will consist of eleven stages, all new lines in which are painted red and explained as simple as possible.


Step 1

Let’s start with the skeleton, depicting the rib cage and pelvis in the form of ovals of different sizes. Connect these parts with the line of the backbone. Arms and legs also depicted as simple lines.

how to draw a child easy

Step 2

Now portray two lines on the face that connect in the center of the face. Now connect the rib cage to the pelvis to create a torso, then connect the head to this rib cage.

how to draw a cute child

Step 3

Now depict the arms using cylindrical geometric shapes. Now depict the shoulder and elbow joints in the form of balls. Do not forget to depict the hands of the child.

how to draw a kid easy

Step 4

Now, using slightly thicker cylinders, depict the thighs and shins. Using two balls, depict the knees. At the end of this stage, depict the feet.

how to draw a male child

Step 5

Guided by the auxiliary lines created in the second stage, portray the details of the face. Start with the eyes, then portray a small nose and mouth. Remember to depict the eyebrows.

child drawing tutorial

Step 6

On the sides of the head, depict the ears. Now go to the top of the head and depict hair. You can either repeat the hairstyle from the artists of or come up with another hairstyle.

how to draw a child face

Step 7

Now, using smooth lines, depict a sweater on the torso and sleeves. Do not forget to depict the creases on the sweater.

how to draw a child's body

Step 8

Now trace the forearms with smooth and soft lines and portray the fingers, as presented in the example from the artists of

how to draw child characters

Step 9

Now, with the help of long and curving lines, depict wide jeans, taking into account the folds. In the same stage depict the sneakers.

how to draw a cool kid

Step 10

Now give the pencil a rest and take an eraser and use it to wipe off the guidelines from the child drawing. Now, to give the child drawing more realism and aesthetics, trace all with darker lines.

how to draw a kid easy

Step 11

So, the last stage is to paint the child. You can use both the colors presented by the artists of and use any other color palette.

how to draw a child

So, dear readers of, we have completed the instruction on how to draw a child. Our team of artists is waiting for your feedback and criticism. Subscribe to on social networks, write your opinion and share your images.

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