How to Draw Scooby Doo

how to draw scooby doo

In this guide, we will show you how to draw Scooby Doo. He truly is one of the most lovable cartoon dogs ever.


Step 1

Firstly, we’ll sketch out the shape of our character with a few circles. We see a big circle in the center and two small circles above and below. This is a bit like the first steps from our post on how to draw a snowman.

how to draw scooby doo easy step by step

Step 2

Scooby Doo Has a pretty funny look. He looks a little up and to the left and smiles sweetly. Let’s sketch out the eyes and the upper part of our character’s face in this step.

how to draw scooby doo easy

Step 3

Finishing the face elements from the last step. Add eyebrows that look like the roof of the house, a large nose, and a rounded chin.

how to draw scooby doo step by step

Step 4

And now we will draw the outlines of the long, ears of our dog. In our version, one ear hangs noticeably, and the other is located straight, but you can choose the position of the ears to your taste.

how to draw scooby doo full body step by step

Step 5

Let’s draw two smooth, vertical lines to connect the head and torso. The line to our left starts right from the ear, and the line to our right starts from the cheek. Both lines are directed towards the body.

how to draw scooby doo characters step by step easy

Step 6

Scooby Doo’s only piece of clothing is a collar with a tag on which we can see the first letters of his nickname. Let’s draw this collar.

scooby doo drawing tutorial

Step 7

We connect the two lower circular shapes using one smooth line. Add the outlines of the rather powerful front legs. Use curved lines in this step.

scooby doo drawing pictures

Step 8

Draw the paws with two smooth curved lines. As you can see, the paws look very different in shape due to the peculiarities of the angle.

scooby doo drawing color

Step 9

In this step, we will draw the outlines of the big fingers. We see four toes on each foot that look like large semicircles. The distal legs should appear larger than the proximal legs.

scooby doo drawing pics

Step 10

Dogs have rather powerful hind legs. Let’s draw these paws for our character. It looks a bit like the wings of a butterfly.

scooby doo drawing easy

Step 11

Scooby Doo has really large hind legs. In this step, we will draw the large toes of the hind legs, which point in different directions.

 scooby doo drawing step by step

Step 12

In this step, we add a long, curved tail. Use smooth lines and don’t forget about the rounded tip. The tail tapers slightly distally.

scooby doo cartoon drawing

Step 13

We like to highlight a special step in order to evaluate the sketch as a whole and to identify errors and inaccuracies. This is important so that we can proceed to the last step in which we will color our drawing.

scooby doo images for drawing

Step 14

We use traditional colors to recreate the familiar look of this adorable dog. Try to avoid overly bright colors.

how to draw scooby doo

So it was a drawing instruction on How to Draw Scooby Doo. EasyDrawingArt team prepared it especially for you. We hope that you have felt your progress in art after completing this lesson. See you soon, dear readers of!

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