How to Draw a Butterfly

how to draw a butterfly

Do you want to learn how to draw a butterfly as a real artist? If so, then this instruction on how to draw a butterfly easily is just what you were looking for!

We divided this instruction into eight very simple stages and we emphasized each new stage in red to simplify the learning process as much as possible.

So, is paper and pencil ready? If so, let’s plunge into the incredible world of art.


Step 1

First, create a circle for the head and an oval for the body. Do not try to make these lines perfectly even and symmetrical.

how to draw a butterfly easy

Step 2

Now create the lower body of our graceful insect. In general, butterflies have different appearances, so you can make it thinner and longer or shorter and thicker.

how to draw a butterfly step by step

Step 3

Let’s now draw the wings of the insect, or rather, start depicting them. Create two long lines as the artists of did.

how to draw a butterfly and colour it

Step 4

In the fourth stage, we finish sketching of the upper segments of the wings. To do this, depict curvy lines as made in in the sketch below.

steps of how to draw a butterfly

Step 5

The lower segments of the wings can have a variety of shapes. Repeat them either as in our butterfly drawing, or come up with your own shape.

how to draw a butterfly step by step with pencil

Step 6

Move to the head of the drawn insect again and depict two small round eyes. Next, create two antennas using two long curves.

how to draw a butterfly beautiful

Step 7

Depict a pattern on the wings of this beautiful creature. You can try to repeat the pattern as in the example drawn by the artists of, come up with your own pattern or draw it using a photo of butterflies from the Internet.

how to draw a butterfly cartoon

Step 8

A butterfly is probably one of the most bright creatures in nature. And nature itself tells us that we should show our imagination in order to paint a butterfly. So paint the insect in some interesting bright color, for example, we chose the orange color.

how to draw a butterfly

If you read these lines, then most likely you have gone through all the stages in the instruction on how to draw a butterfly. Did you like this lesson? Was it fully useful to you? Write us your opinion, because it is very important for us. We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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