How to Draw a Snowman

how to draw a snowman

It’s very easy to learn how to draw a snowman. And in this instruction, the team of will show you how to do this very easily and quickly.

We divided this article into ten elementary stages, each of which we highlighted in red, to maximize the process of drawing a snowman. So, collect your favorite art supplies, whether it be a pencil and a piece of paper or a graphics tablet, and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of art with


Step 1

Start with the usual circle, which will later turn into a head. You can do this with a compass or do without additional equipment.

how to draw a snowman step by step

Step 2

Now depict another circle, which in the future will turn into the torso. This circle should be slightly larger than the previous one.

how to draw a snowman easy

Step 3

Now create the third and last circle, which will be below all others and will be the largest in size. If your snowman sketch is similar to what you see below, then go to the next stage.

how to draw a snowman in steps

Step 4

Take an eraser and wipe off your snowman sketch from unnecessary guidelines. To check proportionality, look at your artwork of a snowman through a mirror.

how 2 draw a snowman

Step 5

Use a triangular geometric shape to create the carrot – nose of the snowman. Next, use two dots to create the eyes. Below the nose, create a smile in the form of a C-shaped line.

easy way to draw a snowman

Step 6

You can put a hat or a bucket on the head of your snowman, we have chosen the first option. By the way, if you want to see a lesson on how to draw a top hat on, write to us about it.

how to draw a cute snowman easy

Step 7

On the neck, you can depict a scarf. Do everything either as in our example, or come up with your own version of the scarf.

how to draw a simple snowman step by step for kids

Step 8

Use the five large dots to depict the buttons. Next, depict the snowman’s arms-branches, as the artists of did in the example below.

how to draw a simple snowman step by step

Step 9

Now take an eraser again and clear all remaining guidelines. To make the snowman’s drawing beautiful and clean, trace all the necessary lines with a dark pencil or ink.

how do you draw a snowman step by step

Step 10

Paint the snowman’s body in light blue. The hat can be painted black and red, and the scarf in either yellow-red or any other color.

how to draw a snowman

We hope that now you are convinced that it is very easy to learn how to draw a snowman easy. Try to experiment with the appearance of your artwork of a snowman, and depict some other details. Also, visit other guides and other categories on to become a true master of pencil and paints.

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