How to Draw a Glove

how to draw a glove

The team of shows how to depict not only animals and people but also clothes. And today we want to show you how to draw a glove easy.

This instruction, as you already understood, belongs to the category called Clothing, where we publish various items of clothing, such as shirts, jackets or jeans.


Step 1

Using a pencil, create a trapezoidal shape, as shown in the sketch under these words. Try to use light, almost transparent lines to further simplify the process of adding fixes.

 how to draw a glove step by step

Step 2

Now depict the fingers of the glove. The middle finger should be the longest, the index and ring fingers of about the same length, and the little finger is the smallest. Note that the fingers on the gloves should be slightly puffier than the fingers of the hand itself.

how to draw a glove cute and easy

Step 3

Now create a thumb as shown in the sketch under these words.  This finger should be slightly thicker than the rest. Note that we depict this finger along with the lower part of the palm.

how to draw cartoon gloves

Step 4

Gloves come in many different shapes, but we depict a warm glove, so we need to create the part of the glove that covers the wrists. Draw this detail of the glove in the shape of a cylindrical figure.

how to draw gloves easy

Step 5

Now arm yourself with an eraser and wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from your glove drawing. Then darken your sketch to make it appear sharper and more voluminous. You can also add texture using light intersecting lines or some kind of logo.

how to draw hand gloves

Step 6

You can paint the glove in any color you want. For some reason, we chose the purple glove, maybe because our team never wore gloves of this color, we only wear black gloves. Either way, arm yourself with your favorite colors and give your work of art more life with beautiful and vibrant colors.

how to draw a glove

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