How to Draw a Diamond

how to draw a diamond

In this super simple drawing instruction the team of will show you how to draw a diamond. This instruction will be incredibly simple, but there will be many straight lines that are not easy to depict. If you want, you can use a ruler, but for general development, it is better to do without it.

But in any case, you will need your favorite art supplies whether a simple pencil and a piece of paper or a graphics tablet. If all the supplies ready, then let’s proceed to the instruction on how to draw a diamond.


Step 1

So, first, depict the bottom face of the gem with two simple lines in the shape of a large capital V. Try to make the lines even and clear.

how to draw a diamond step by step

Step 2

Now, with a few more straight lines, depict the top of the gem. By the way, to check the proportionality of the picture, check everything through the reflection in the mirror.

how to draw a diamond easy

Step 3

The instruction on how to draw a diamond is very simple, but this step will be the easiest in the whole instruction. With the help of two parallel lines, depict the center part.

how to draw a beautiful diamond

Step 4

Let’s now create the bottom faces. To do this, depict four straight lines that diverge from the very lower central point on the sides up.

how to draw a blue diamond

Step 5

Now let’s give the bottom faces a more recognizable look. To do this, create lines as the artists of did in the sketch lower this words.

how to draw a diamond cartoon

Step 6

Now let’s start creating the edges on top of the gem. To do this, depict a jagged line, as did the artists of

how to draw a diamond cute

Step 7

Now depict the rest lines of the faces on top. As you can see, our rough sketch is slowly becoming more like a diamond drawing.

how to draw a diamond color

Step 8

Now let’s move on to the middle part of the gem. With the help of a large number of curves, depict the texture, as the artists of did.

how to draw a diamond draw so cute

Step 9

In this sage, we will finish drawing the diamond. With the help of a large number of short vertical lines, depict the texture on the central part of the gem and wipe off the guidelines.

how to draw a diamond easy step by step

Step 10

So, use an eraser to wipe off all other guidelines from the artwork. To make the diamond drawing cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing, trace it with dark pencil or ink.

how to draw a diamond super easy

Step 11

Take the light blue color and paint the diamond. For this purpose, you can use any painting tools to colorize the gem. You can also add highlights and shadows.

how to draw a diamond

The instruction on how to draw a diamond consisted of eleven stages and the team of thought it was very simple. Was this so, or was it all complicated. Anyway, write to us about it. We read all the comments and respond to many of them.

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