How to Draw a Body

How to draw a body

In this very simple instruction, the crew of will show you how to draw a body easy and quick. This instruction is one of the basic, and it is extremely necessary if you want to learn how to portray a human.


Step 1

So, let’s start drawing the body from the skeleton. First of all, depict the head, chest, and pelvis in the form of simple ovals. The height of the torso with the neck is approximately equal to the sum of two or three heads.

How to draw a male body easy

Step 2

So, with the help of simple straight lines depict the limbs, and with the help of small circles depict the joints. The arms are equal in length to the height of two or three heads, and the legs are equal in height to the sum of the heights of about four heads.

How to draw a body step by step easy

Step 3

Depict two lines on the head, with which we will later portray the details of the face. Next, with the help of a cylindrical figure, portray the neck. Then, using smooth lines, depict the torso, as the team of did in the sketch below.

How to draw a body with a pencil

Step 4

Use simple cylindrical shapes to depict the arms. Using simple balls, depict the shoulder and elbow joints. In the same stage, gently depict the hands, as the artists of did.

How to draw a body basic

Step 5

Now, using slightly modified cylinders, depict the legs, which should be slightly thicker than the arms. Complete the fifth stage by depicting the feet, as in the example from the artists of

How to draw a male body

Step 6

Using the lines from the third stage, we begin to depict the face. Start with the eyes and eyebrows, then go to the nose and complete the sixth stage by portraying the mouth.

How to draw a men body

Step 7

Now, with the angular letter U, portray the jaw. You can depict the jaw more powerful and large or small and neat if you are portraying a girl.

How to draw a body easy for beginners

Step 8

In this stage, we will complete the depiction of the head. Trace it and create contours of hair. Complete the eighth stage depicting the ears.

How to draw a body base

Step 9

Now let’s portray the torso. Using smooth and clear lines, depict the neck muscles, pectoral muscles, and abs. Make torso contours clear and smooth.

How to draw a body and face

Step 10

Now let’s start working with the arms again. With smooth and clear lines trace the details of the arms, highlighting the muscles, as did the artists of

How to draw a body male

Step 11

At this stage of the instruction on how to draw a body, we will work with the hands. Firstly, depict the fingers, considering all the details as the artists of the did in the image below.

How to draw a body outline

Step 12

Using smooth lines, gently trace the legs and highlight the leg muscles. Give the legs the right and aesthetic look. Depict the shorts in the same stage.

How to draw a body easy

Step 13

At this stage of the tutorial on how to draw a body, we will actually finish the sketch by depicting the feet. Carefully depict them and all the toes as in the example from the artists of

How to draw a body for beginners

Step 14

Now grab an eraser and use it to wipe off the guidelines from the body drawing. After that, using a darker pencil or ink, trace the artwork so that it looks more aesthetically pleasing and voluminous.

How to draw a body

Step 15

Now take the skin colors and paint the body. You can use both more familiar colors and more unusual ones, for example, if you portray the Incredible Hulk. As a result, you should get such a body drawing.

How to draw a body

So what can you say about the instruction on how to draw a body? The team of is really looking forward to your comments. We read all your comments and respond to many of them. Also check out our other instructions of, for example, articles about anime or superheroes.

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