How to Draw Homer Simpson

How to Draw Homer Simpson

In this lesson, we will learn how to draw Homer Simpson – one of the most important heroes of American culture.

When drawing up the picture, we will take into account everything we know about Homer from the cartoon “The Simpsons”. This character is drawn without strict forms and sharp corners, which makes his image pleasant, funny, and good-natured! A nice addition to your own collection of drawings.

To start the lesson on how to draw Homer Simpson, you need a pencil, paper, and eraser, or a graphic pencil.


How to Draw Homer Simpson

Step 1 – Draw the Eyes of Homer Simpson

Let’s start with the eyes – carefully place two equal-sized circles in the upper part of the picture. The dots inside will serve as pupils. You can imagine Homer rolling his eyes trying to find you!

how to draw homer simpson easy step by step

Step 2 – Draw the Mouth and Nose of Homer

Further, go down below and draw the upper part of the mouth and nose. Keep the Simpson image in mind with his funny and bulging shapes.

how to draw homer simpson matt groening

Step 3 – Draw the Top of the Head

Is it done? Fine. Draw an oval over the eyes. As you can see, the image of Homer is already becoming more pronounced. Do not create sharp corners – the oval of the head should turn out to be smooth and not too elongated.

how to draw a cartoon homer simpson

Step 4 – Draw the Ear and Chin

At this stage, finalize the initial image of the head of Homer Simpson. Draw the ear. Designate the auricle with two barely noticeable lines. On the other side of the head, make the second ear. Further, create the chin using a smooth line passing from the line of the nose.

how to draw homer simpson step by step easy

Step 5 – Draw the Hair and Neck

For the overall integrity of the image, make a couple more strokes – above the ear draw something like a letter M. Next, at the very top of the head draw two semicircles – this is our Homer’s hairstyle! Mark the neck with two straight lines.

how to draw cartoon homer simpson

Step 6 – Draw the Top of the Polo of Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson wears a white polo, which means it’s time to dress our character. Draw the collar with strict lines, and the shoulder with a semicircle. Make sure the clothes are proportionate to Homer’s head.

how to draw homer simpson easy

Step 7 – Draw the Fingers

The far shoulder must be supplemented and marked with the sleeve, we will do the same with the near shoulder. Next, draw three thick fingers in the foreground – ideally, the fingers should, as it were, clasp the shoulder.

steps on how to draw homer simpson

Step 8 – Draw the Arms

Now we need to depict the pose of crossed arms. Two semicircle lines originate from one sleeve and “hide” under the other arm. Another curved line becomes the second hand and you’re done! Check if Homer crossed his arms in your artwork?

how to draw simple homer simpson

Step 9 – Draw the Bottom of Homer’s Polo

Homer Simpson never had a slender shape, so we will take this into account when drawing the belly. Two lines along the edges should create the shape of Homer’s rounded figure, and the bottom line will mark the border of the belly, which “goes” into the loose pants.

homer simpson sketch how to draw

Step 10 – Draw the Legs

Let’s move on to the pants. It’s simple – one line is drawn as a large semicircle, the other is barely noticeable, and three more lines go down vertically. The lower you drop these three lines, the longer Homer’s legs will be.

how 2 draw homer simpson

Step 11 – Draw the Bottom of the Pants

So, almost everything is done! Create the cuffs of the pants by drawing two parallel lines at the very bottom of the legs. This will make our Homer’s pants look more fashionable!

homer simpson drawing easy

Step 12 – Draw the Shoes of Homer Simpson

Left a little! Draw boots. Try to repeat the lines so that you can see the low heel. The toes of the boots are rounded. If everything turned out as in the illustration, then Homer approves!

homer simpson drawing tutorial

Step 13 – Erase the Guidelines

Remove unnecessary guidelines and see what we got. We know that Homer Simpson loves his wife and children, so in your picture, he should look like a good-natured chubby with funny bulging eyes!

homer simpson drawing color

Step 14 – Color the Homer Drawing

If you’ve watched The Simpsons, then you know Homer Simpson’s color palette. Color the skin yellow, the circle around the mouth light brown, the jeans blue, and the boots gray or gray-green, as in our example.

How to Draw Homer Simpson

Fine! The Homer Simpson drawing lesson is over. Let’s check all the details again. Is everything in place? If the character looks funny and similar to Homer Simpson from the TV series, then you are on the right track. We hope that our mini-guide has brought you not only new skills but also a charge of positive emotions!

So, what cartoons do you watch and what other cartoon characters would you recommend us to draw?

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