How to Draw a Pig Face

how to draw a pig face

To draw a pig, it is very important to know how to draw a pig face, and in this tutorial, we will tell you how to do it.

The pig, along with the cow, is one of the oldest domesticated animals. This animal has been living next to humans for over 7 thousand years.

During all this time, pigs have repeatedly appeared on a variety of works of art. They could personify both gluttony, selfishness and stubbornness, and fertility, motherhood, and abundance.


Step 1

To draw a pig’s face correctly, you need to start with the simplest ball. Draw it, trying to achieve more or less even contours.

how to draw a pig face cartoon

Step 2

Now depict the snout in the form of a geometric shape, similar to a bean. Connect this part of the body to the head with a couple of short lines.

how to draw a pig face step by step easy

Step 3

Now draw the top and bottom edges of the neck using a couple of simple lines. By the way, because of such a thick neck, the pig cannot look up.

how to draw a cute pig face

Step 4

This stage of the instruction on how to draw a pig face will be really simple. Here you only need to draw the little pig’s eyes in the upper third of the head.

how to draw an easy pig face

Step 5

Draw the ears at the top of the head. At this stage, they are very much like the leaves of a flower or tree. The pig’s left ear is turned more in our direction than the right one.

how to draw a pig face easy

Step 6

Now, to give the pig’s ears a more natural look, draw the lines of the ear cartilage. These lines should also emphasize the turning of the ears.

how to draw a face of a pig

Step 7

Add some detail to make the pig drawing look more natural. Draw the nostrils on the snout. Further on the face and neck, draw the lines of the folds.

pig face drawing easy

Step 8

Now erase all unnecessary construction lines from the pig drawing. To make the animal you drew look more alive, darken the necessary lines in the artwork.

pig face drawing simple

Step 9

We painted the pig’s skin a beige-pink, the inner surface of the ears and the snout a slightly darker pink, and the inner surface of the nostrils an even darker pink. We painted the eyes black, leaving white highlights in them.

how to draw a pig face

You can also add some shadows. This will give your pig drawing even more volume and naturalism.

Now, knowing how to draw a pig face, you can easily draw a whole pig, because the rest of this animal is much simpler than the head. To improve your drawing skills, try depicting this animal from a different angle. This will help develop the skill of spatial vision while drawing.

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