How to Draw a Cow Face

how to draw a cow face

The team of portrays animals very often, and also very often portrays animal heads. In this instruction, we will show you how to draw a cow face. Like all other instructions, this will be super simple, and the team of believes that even the most inexperienced artist can learn how to draw a cow’s head.


Step 1

Start with the head, depicting it in the form of a regular ball. Next, depict the wide neck, as did the artists of in the image below.

how to draw a cow face easy

Step 2

At the bottom of the ball, portray a large muzzle in the form of a large U. The lines should be smooth and clean in this and subsequent stages.

how to draw a cow face of cartoon

Step 3

Now, on the sides of the head at the top, portray the ears. They are quite wide in the center and narrow at the tips and in the area where the ears join the head.

how to draw a simple cow face

Step 4

Now portray the lines inside the ears. After that, depict a hairstyle at the very top of the head between the ears. Yes, you may not have paid attention, but the cows have hairstyles.

how to draw a cute cow face

Step 5

Now, with the help of two almond-shaped geometric figures, depict the eyes. Now, a little higher, depict the lines that start from the sides of the eyes.

how to draw a cow face step by step easy

Step 6

Now, at the very bottom of the muzzle, depict a nose in the form of an oval geometric shape. After that, inside this figure, depict the nostrils.

how to draw an easy cow face

Step 7

We are in the penultimate stage of the instruction on how to draw a cow head. So, now trace the image with dark and beautiful lines.

how to draw a cow face step by step

Step 8

Now let’s paint the cow head. We decided to paint the cow face light brown, but you can use any other color palette. The nose of the cow can be pink or brown.

how to draw a cow face

There are many simple things in the world, and the team of believes that the instruction on how to draw a cow face was one of those. Do you agree with us? Do you want more animal painting articles? What do you think of and our instructions? Write to us your opinion, because it is very important for us.

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