How to Draw a Cartoon Character

How to draw a cartoon character

In this guide, the team of will show you how to draw a cartoon character. This work will be very interesting for you.

And if you love 90s cartoons, then you probably realized that we will show you how to draw a cartoon character using Johnny Bravo as an example. He is brave and strong enough. Huge pumped-up muscles make him extremely tough. A trendy hairstyle, stylish sunglasses, and a modern outfit add extra charm to it.

And as you understand, this lesson in drawing a cartoon character will be just an example, using which you can draw not only Johnny Bravo but also any other cartoon character with a human appearance.


How to Draw a Cartoon Character

Step 1 – Sketch the Head and Neck

Cartoon characters have very unusual and hypertrophied body details that help make the character more expressive. For example, Johnny Bravo has a square jaw and a very thick neck.

How to draw a cartoon man

Step 2 – Draw Hair

Hair, just like the details of the face, is drawn in a very hypertrophied manner on cartoon characters. Johnny Bravo has an exaggeratedly high hairstyle that needs to be drawn with long, flowing lines.

How to draw cartoon characters

Step 3 – Draw the Ears

Ears in cartoon people are drawn as simply as possible. In our drawing, they appear as two short, curved lines. Sketch the lines of the hair on the bangs.

How to draw a cartoon face

Step 4 – Draw Glasses

Cartoon characters always have some distinctive features. In the example with Johnny Bravo, it’s his famous glasses. Draw them and color them in black.

How to draw a cartoon person

Step 5 – Draw the Face

Facial details are very simplified in cartoon characters. Since each cartoon consists of many thousands of pictures, drawing a small number of details, the multiplier greatly simplifies the task.

How to draw a cartoon character free

Step 6 – Draw the Torso

Poses, just like body details, should be as hypertrophied as possible. This is done so that what is happening on the screen was as expressive and understandable as possible for all viewers.

How to draw a cartoon character easily

Step 7 – Draw the Arms

As we said, the details of the figure in cartoon characters should be very simplified. For example, in reality, you would never see a person with such arms.

How to draw cartoon characters

Step 8 – Draw the Folds of the T-shirt

Clothing is another important factor in cartoons. Cartoon characters almost always dress in the same outfit. This is done in order for the viewer to recognize the cartoon character under any conditions.

How to draw a cartoon character boy step by step

Step 9 – Draw the Fists

Fists, like the face, should be as simplified as possible. Cartoon characters, by the way, have four fingers instead of five because it is easier to draw and looks more pleasant for the viewer.

How to draw any cartoon character

Step 10 – Start Drawing Jeans

Do you remember what we said earlier about the fact that cartoon characters are very hypertrophied? As you can imagine, in reality, there are no people with this ratio of upper and lower body parts.

How to draw a cartoon character of a person

Step 11 – Draw the Folds of the Jeans

Use a pair of simple rectangles to draw the folds of the jeans. This piece of clothing, like everything else, should be as simplified as possible. As you already understood, simplifying everything that is possible is one of the most important principles in drawing cartoons.

How to draw a cartoon character body

Step 12 – Draw the Shoes

As you can see, even the shoes are drawn in such a way that the viewer can unmistakably understand that he is looking at exactly the shoes, and not at anything else.

How to draw a cartoon character step by step

Step 13 – Erase the Guidelines

After you erase all the guidelines, you can trace your entire cartoon character drawing with a darker pencil, marker, or pen. This will give your drawing a more cartoonish look.

How to draw a cartoon character easy

Step 14 – Color the Cartoon Character Drawing

To color the cartoon character drawing, we will use beige, with which we will color the body parts, color his hair with bright yellow, and use bright blue and black colors to paint the outfit and shoes.

How to draw a cartoon character

Our cartoon character now looks very stylish. We think that you did a great job, and working on this cartoon person gave you a lot of pleasure, as well as in all the previous drawing lessons. The team of tries to make our drawing guides more interesting and useful, and in the future, we will create new exciting works for you.

If you watched this cartoon, then remember what emotions it evoked in you? Also write to us what are your favorite cartoons, and what characters of these cartoons you would like to see on the pages of Who do you like the most? Who evokes the most pleasant emotions? They can be people, or they can be animals. We will be happy to take into account all your wishes.

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