How to Draw a Panda Face

how to draw a panda face

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a panda face. The panda is one of the most attractive rare animals that are listed in the Red Book. It belongs to the bear family, has the same habits and lifestyle as all bears, but differs from its relatives in its unusual black and white color. It is this color that makes her so interesting. Panda is a national symbol of China, her image is used by world brands for their logo and she is a cartoon hero, take at least the famous and beloved cartoon “Kung Fu Panda”.


Step 1 – Draw a Basic Outline

So, we start a guide on how to draw a panda face. Draw a large circle first. Place this circle in the very center of a piece of paper if you are drawing a portrait. Try to draw this without using any auxiliary tools. As you can see, this shape is not perfectly flat and symmetrical.

how to draw a panda face easy

Step 2 – Draw the Approximate Outlines of the Eyes

Add a pair of eyes. These are small rounded shapes that look like two grains. Pay attention to the distance between the eyes, this is quite an important point.

how to draw a panda face step by step easy

Step 3 – Draw the Panda’s Nose

Draw the nose. As you can see, the panda has a wide, flat nose that is quite far from the eyes. The nostrils appear as two oblique semicircles. The outer borders of the nose are formed by smooth, curved lines.

how to draw a simple panda face

Step 4 – Draw the Upper Part of the Mouth

Draw the panda’s cheeks. In fact, many animals have a similar cheek shape. It looks like two semicircles that form something like a smile. You have probably seen such a funny shape of the cheeks in many animals, for example, cats or dogs.

how to draw an easy panda face

Step 5 – Draw the Lower Part of the Mouth

So, we continue the guide on how to draw a panda face. Now draw the contours of the mouth using smooth arched lines. It will be great if you form a small triangle between the cheeks and mouth as in our sample.

how to draw a panda bear face cartoon step by step

Step 6 – Mark the Panda Spots

Dark spots around the eyes are one of the most important features of a panda. If you’ve never slept for a couple of nights in a row, you’ve probably identified yourself with this animal. In fact, sleep is very important, so if you want to sleep, get some sleep immediately. After that sketch out the outlines of the teeth and dark spots of this lovely panda.

how to draw a realistic panda face step by step

Step 7 – Draw Panda Ears

Another must-see feature of a panda is rounded ears. Draw a pair of flattened circles that are positioned slightly lateral to the top of our panda’s head. Use short shading to create a thick coat effect.

panda face drawing step by step

Step 8 – Draw the Texture of the Wool

Drawing detailed fur is too difficult. You can do this if you have a super realistic drawing in mind. However, we prefer a more cartoonish style, so drawing only the outlines as a wool texture would be a great choice.

drawing of panda face

Step 9 – Remove Extra Lines

So let’s give the panda a more complete and realistic look. To do this, carefully erase all unnecessary auxiliary guidelines and trace the drawing to make it more expressive.

How to Draw a Panda Face

Step 10 – Color the Panda Face Drawing

Use the combination of black and white to color your sketch. By adding shadows, you can make this panda face drawing more voluminous. Notice the white highlights inside each eye. This detail makes the drawing very lively.

how to draw a panda face

So the work on drawing the panda has been completed. As you can see, nothing complicated, but a very good result. As a result of the work done, our panda or bamboo bear, as it is also called, looks very cute. We hope you enjoyed drawing the panda, like all our previous works. There are many other rare beautiful animals in the world that are worth portraying. We will try to do it with high quality and fun for you. In the future, new pictures and interesting facts await you. We will be glad if you share your impressions in the comments. Your feedback is very important for us, we will wait for your interesting comments and new proposals.

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