How to Draw a Woman

How to Draw a Woman

In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw a woman. Here we will show you all the features of drawing a female figure and the differences from drawing a male figure.

In the previous lesson, we showed how to draw a man, and there we showed all the features of drawing a male figure. After studying the above lesson and this lesson on how to draw a woman, you will understand that there are practically no global differences in the drawing process, and all the tricks are in the details.


How to Draw a Woman

Step 1 – Sketch the Head, Chest, Pelvis, and Spine

The lines at this stage should be as light and light as possible. It is on this basis that the entire future drawing of a woman will be built.

how to draw a woman easy

Step 2 – Sketch the Limbs

These lines should be the same light as the ones drawn earlier. Here you can choose the stance and proportions.

how to draw a woman easy

Step 3 – Draw the Torso

Draw lines of proportions on the face. Next, sketch out the cylindrical neck and the outlines of the torso using long and smooth lines.

how to draw a woman step by step

Step 4 – Draw the Arms

Using circles and cylinders sketch out the arms. Next, draw the palms with a few simple lines. Don’t try to detail the arms too much in this stage.

how to draw a woman standing

Step 5 – Draw the Legs

Now go to the legs and draw them using similar circles and modified circles. Please note that the legs should gradually expand towards the hips.

how to draw a woman easily

Step 6 – Draw the Details of the Face

Now using the guidelines drawn earlier, sketch out the details of the face. Draw the eyes first, then the nose, and then the lips. Don’t forget to draw the eyebrows.

how to draw a female easy

Step 7 – Draw Hair

Draw the jaw with a smooth, U-shaped line. Then draw the hair using long and flowing lines. We drew long hair, but you can draw any other hairstyle.

how to draw a woman for beginners

Step 8 – Detail the Torso

Trace the outline of the torso using darker and sharper lines. Then draw the upper and lower edges of the t-shirt with smooth lines.

woman drawing easy

Step 9 – Draw the Hands

Now detail the arms by adding folds and lines of the sleeves. Next, draw the hands as shown in our example. Add folds in the area of compression and stretch of the fabric.

women drawings

Step 10 – Detail the Legs

Now detail the legs. Trace them with smoother lines. Then add folds in the area of compression and stretch of the fabric. Draw the lacing and sole of the sneakers.

woman drawing color pencil

Step 11 – Erase the Guidelines

Using an eraser, get rid of all construction lines. Make the lines of the woman drawing more dark and clear. Don’t forget that you can add some interesting details like jewelry or tattoos.

woman drawing step by step

Step 12 – Color the Woman Drawing

To paint the woman drawing, you can use the colors in our example, or come up with your own color combination. Next, you can add shadows to make the drawing more voluminous.

How to Draw a Woman

So, we hope this woman drawing tutorial was interesting and useful for you. If so, and you want to learn how to draw people even better, then be sure to go to our category called People.

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