How to Draw a Man

How to Draw a Man

In this drawing lesson, we will show you how to draw a man. And by tradition, the team of will try to show you how to draw complex things in the simplest way possible.

Drawing a person is one of the most important and difficult moments, and in art schools and universities, special attention is paid to this.

People are all different, but at the same time, they are drawn mostly in the same way, since despite all the differences, all people have the same body structure.

In this tutorial, we show you how to draw a man, and we will try to show you all the differences between drawing a male and a female figure.


How to Draw a Man

Step 1 – Sketch Out the Head, Chest, and Pelvis

These are the most basic parts of the body that will help you draw a man and prevent any serious mistakes. Try to use as light lines as possible.

how to draw a man body

Step 2 – Sketch the Spine and Limbs

Use the same light lines and don’t forget to mark the joints with small circles. Do not try to make all these lines too dark, because in the future they will be erased.

how to draw a man standing

Step 3 – Draw the Neck and Torso

First of all, sketch out the lines of proportion on the face. Next, draw the neck that looks like a cylinder. Next, draw the torso as a vertically elongated rectangle with rounded edges.

how to draw a man body easy

Step 4 – Draw the Arms

Use simple geometric shapes such as balls and cylinders to draw the arms. The lines here should be the same light as in the previous stages.

how to draw a man drawing

Step 5 – Draw the Legs

Using exactly the same circles and modified cylinders draw the legs. Most often, the male body differs from the female by the presence of more developed muscles, which can be reflected in the drawing.

how to draw a man easy step by step

Step 6 – Draw the Details of the Face

Using the guidelines drawn earlier, draw the eyes. Next, draw the nose and mouth. Try to use darker and sharper lines starting from this stage.

how to draw a man easily

Step 7 – Draw the Jaw, Brows, and Ears

Using three straight lines draw the jaw of the man. After that draw the ears, which are about the same height as the nose. Draw the eyebrows with a couple of thick lines.

how to draw a man in easy way

Step 8 – Draw Hair

Move to the top of the man’s head and draw the hair. We decided to draw a classic men’s hairstyle, but you can replace it with any other hairstyle or make the drawn man bald.

man drawing outline

Step 9 – Detail the Torso

Using darker and clearer lines than at the very beginning, draw the outlines of the T-shirt, and add folds in the necessary places.

man drawing cartoon

Step 10 – Detail the Arms

Now using smooth and dark lines give the arms a more finished look. Don’t forget to draw the short sleeves of the T-shirt and add some folds in the area of the armpits.

man drawing easy

Step 11 – Draw the Hands

First, draw the bases of the hands, then each finger in turn. To learn more about drawing hands, visit our tutorial on how to draw hands.

a man drawing easy

Step 12 – Detail the Legs

Using smooth lines draw the outline of the pants. Don’t forget to add folds at the knees area and at the bottom of the pants.

a man drawing pictures

Step 13 – Draw the Feet

Now with the help of smooth lines draw the outline of the sneakers, as shown in our example. Don’t forget to draw the laces and the outlines of the soles.

a man drawing step by step

Step 14 – Erase the Guidelines

Now, with the help of the eraser, get rid of all construction lines. Make the man drawing clearer and the lines darker. You can also add any additional details, such as glasses or a print on the T-shirt.

man drawing basic

Step 15 – Color the Man Drawing

And now the time has come when you can show your imagination. You can use the color palette from our example, or use any other colors when coloring the man drawing.

How to Draw a Man

This was a man drawing tutorial created by the team of If you liked this instruction, and you want more similar drawing lessons, then go to our category called People.

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