How to Draw Deku

How to draw Deku

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw Deku, the main protagonist of the manga and anime My Hero Academia.

The hero of today’s lesson is Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku. It’s anime time! As we already said, Deku is the main character in the anime series My Hero Academia, and at the same time a superhero with superpowers and magical abilities. It will not be difficult for us to draw Deku and master the main rules of drawing in the anime style.


How to Draw Deku from My Hero Academia

Step 1 – Sketch the General Forms

If you suddenly did not watch My Hero Academy, then now we will tell you everything step by step. Deku is an anthropometric character, that is, he has human forms and it will not be difficult for us to draw such a character. Let’s start with the chord line (let’s say this is his spine) and draw it down the center. At the top, we will make an arbitrary oval, just below another one (this is his body), and at the very bottom, a third oval (this is the pelvis).

Deku drawing guide

Step 2 – Sketch the Limbs of Deku

This stage is also simple. Draw the arms so that they look bent at the elbows. Sketch simple lines will serve as the joints. Deku is in motion and his legs should be active. Draw two lines, connect with small circles (these are the knee joints). Imagine Izuku Midoriya pushing off and jumping.

How to draw anime charaacters

Step 3 – Sketch the Neck and Torso

Draw two lines crosswise. Designate the transition from head to the body – relatively speaking, this is the neck that covered by the collar of a superhero jumpsuit. Let’s make the initial shape of the suit with an arbitrary cylinder. Deku has gotten a little fatter, but its activity hasn’t gone anywhere!

Anime drawing tutorial

Step 4 – Sketch the Arms of Deku

Deku has powerful fists, just the kind you need to fight evil! Draw a shoulder bundle, make a second layer for the arm, tighten the forearm. Yes, everything is exactly like that, in order to draw an anthropomorphic character, you need to know the basics of anatomy. At least in general terms. The elbow on the right should protrude and sharpen slightly. The fists are not visible yet, but for a start, it is enough just to draw oval shapes (a bit like boxing gloves!).

How to draw anime easy step by step

Step 5 – Sketch the Legs

It’s time to draw the legs. Keep in mind that we are drawing legs wearing overalls, which means they will look tight, and definitely thicker than arms. Sketch the lines along with the axial ones, with which we originally designated the joints. Sketch the knees with circles – these are the connecting parts of the human skeleton, arrange them so that the joints naturally connect. Draw the feet in the same way, taking into account anthropometric literacy.

How to draw my hero academia

Step 6 – Draw the Face of Deku

Let’s move on to the face. Deku is determined to win, his gaze is firm and full of intent! Draw the eyebrows – two arcs “wrap around” the eyes from above, almost touching them. You can shade the eyebrows a little, so it will be clearer that they have hairs. Remember we drew two criss-cross lines on the face? This is in order to see the center and draw the nose there. Thus, symmetry will be observed in the face, and this is important. Outline the mouth with a strip, leave the edges straight, do not bend. The edges raised up will create a smile, and if they are pulled down, Deku will become sad. And in this lesson we are not sad, so we make the mouth a straight line.

How to draw Deku face

Step 7 – Draw Hair of Deku

Ruffle our Deku’s hair. In anime, hairstyles are given special attention, so we have to do something special on Deku’s head. A little lifehack: draw a kind of hat in any shape, fold the corners as you like. The resulting blot is just the basis of the future hairstyle. Next, denote tousled hair with triangular “flashes”. It looks like a flame that the wind blows from side to side. Our conditional “flashes” look in different directions. Create chaos, fluff the hair!

How to draw Deku anime

Step 8 – Draw the Mask of Deku

Deku has a mask. It has ear-like protrusions. Let’s make a semblance of a collar and place it on the chest. Lay the edges of the mask on the shoulders. The mask should be voluminous, but proportionate to Deku’s face. At the crucial moment, our hero must put on his hero mask and show his superpowers! Shade the lower part of the mask, and leave a protrusion near the chin.

How to draw Deku from my hero academia

Step 9 – Detail the Torso

Let’s go to the clothes. This is a green jumpsuit and to draw it, you need to draw a couple of lines above the shoulders, so we will visually expand the costume. In the area of the sides, bend the shape of the jumpsuit, as if the fabric is curled due to the rotation of the body. Where the jacket would have a pocket, draw a semblance of a handle.

How to draw anime easy

Step 10 – Details the Arms

The sleeves begin where the suit visually expands. Create the volume of the sleeves, the hand should get out of the suit. If you don’t know what Deku looks like, here’s a hint – in fact, he wears black elbow pads. So visually we have to imagine a compacted elbow pad over the sleeves. This is so as not to hurt the elbows during superhero outings!

How to draw an anime character

Step 11 – Draw the Fists of Deku

Big palms are clenched into fists because Deku is always ready for battle! The hands are well protected with white gloves. When drawing fists, mark the ends of the gloves, but do not connect them to the elbow pads. Leave some space to see the hand.

How to draw anime

Step 12 – Add Some Details to the Belt

Another detail of Deku’s image is his red belt. Let’s draw a line horizontally as if encircling the pelvic part of the character. Leave the tails of the belt around the edges. By the way, do remember what to do if you want to check the proportionality of your drawing? That’s right, look at it through the mirror.

How to draw Deku from anime

Step 13 – Draw the Knee Pads

Elbow pads are for safety, but what if Deku suddenly hurt his knees? Let’s not let this happen and draw the knee pads. They should look massive. Imagine you are drawing a connection between two pipes. Yes, yes, that’s right, don’t rush to criticize! There is a thickening on the outside of the knee pads – it protects the knee joint during unsuccessful falls.

How to draw Deku for beginners

Step 14 – Draw the Boots of Deku

Deku needs boots for lightning speed and super stamina. Moreover, the shoes must be selected as powerful, high-quality, and voluminous. They shouldn’t dangle on the legs either, otherwise, Deku will complain of blisters. The shape of the boot follows the shape of the foot. Make the sole thicker, otherwise, the thin sole will not be able to guarantee the long-term safety of the shoe.

How to draw Deku step by step

Step 15 – Erase the Guidelines

So it’s time to give Deku a complete and clean look. To do this, take an eraser and clean the entire drawing from unnecessary auxiliary lines. Next, take a darker pencil or marker and carefully trace the drawing, making the lines darker and sharper.

How to draw Deku easy

Step 16 – Color the Drawing of Deku

As you can imagine, Deku is a character from a famous anime. This means that the color palette has already been created by the artists of this anime, and we need to try to replicate it exactly. But, of course, you can get creative and paint your Deku drawing in completely different colors from the original. This will make your drawing unique and more unusual.

How to draw Deku

Well, that’s it, we finished the drawing tutorial! Deku looks at you and you at Deku. He is in a fighting pose, his legs are springy, his fists are sharpened and clenched to the limit! Hair of a dark green shade is disheveled, and, like tongues of flame, fluttering in the wind.

So, do you like anime? Suggest which anime character to draw first.

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