How to Draw a Bear

How to Draw a Bear

There is a category on called Animals, and today this category will be replenished with an instruction on how to draw a bear. By tradition, we made this instruction as simple and accessible as possible so that even the most inexperienced artist can learn how to draw a bear.


Step 1

Firstly depict the head in the form of a ball, then depict the rib cage and pelvis in the form of ovals. The lines of the first stages should be as light as possible.

how to draw a bear step by step

Step 2

Now, using two simple and light lines, connect the chest and pelvis creating the torso. Next, portray the arms and legs with simple lines.

how to draw a bear easy

Step 3

Let’s now move on to the bear’s head and depict his eyes. Next, go to the top of the head, after taht create two ears. Remember to depict two lines of cartilages inside the ears.

how to draw a bear for kids

Step 4

Using a long U-shaped line, depict a muzzle, at the end of which portray a triangular nose. From this point of view, the mouth is not visible.

how to draw a bear body step by step

Step 5

Now, using two light lines, connect the neck to the chest. Add a couple of folds to the bottom of the neck. Now, with a few simple lines, make the forelimbs more voluminous.

how to draw a bear by step

Step 6

Now go to the bottom of the forelimbs and depict paws and fingers with sharp claws. The bear has five fingers on each paw.

how to draw a brown bear

Step 7

Now go to the hind limbs and add volume to them using four simple lines. Please note that their shape is different from the forelimbs.

how to draw a bear draw so cute

Step 8

Now let’s depict the hind paws following the example of the front paws. They also have five fingers with sharp claws on each paw.

how to draw a bear easily

Step 9

Now, armed with an eraser, wipe off the guidelines from the bear drawing. Now make darker the lines with a dark pencil or ink.

how to draw a bear easy and cute

Step 10

So, let’s now paint the bear brown, black, or white (if you are portraying a polar bear). Add shadows, as in the example from the artists of, so that the bear drawing looks voluminous and aesthetic.

How to Draw a Bear

And that’s all, dear readers of Write in the comments what you think about the guide on how to draw a bear, subscribe to on social networks and share your work there because we are very interested in whether you can draw using our instructions.


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