How to Draw a Guy

how to draw a guy

If you read these lines, then most likely you want to learn how to draw a guy. The team of will show you how to do this in eleven super simple stages, all the new lines in which we painted red and came up with easy and understandable descriptions.

So, grab your favorite art supplies, scroll down the page just below, and start the instruction on how to draw a guy.


Step 1

Let’s start drawing a guy from a skeleton. First of all, depict the head, chest, and pelvis in the form of ovals of different sizes. Connect these parts with the line of the backbone, and use simple lines to depict the limbs.

how to draw a guy easy

Step 2

Now portray a cross the center of which is exactly in the center of the face. Next, depict a cylindrical neck and connect the chest and pelvis creating a torso.

how to draw a cartoon guy

Step 3

Now, using four cylindrical figures, depict the upper limbs. Using four balls, depict the shoulder and elbow joints. At the same stage, depict the hands with light and loose lines.

how to draw a cool guy

Step 4

Now depict the thighs and shins with thicker cylinders. After that, depict the knees in the form of two balls. At the end of this stage, depict the feet.

how to draw a cute guy

Step 5

Now let’s start portraying the face. Firstly, create еру eyes, then go down a little lower and make a nose and portray a mouth with a simple dash. Do not forget to depict the jaw.

how to draw a guy full body

Step 6

On the sides of the head, depict the ears, more about which you will learn in the instruction of the same name. After that portray the hairstyle.

how to draw a realistic guy

Step 7

Now, using smooth lines, depict the outlines of the T-shirt that covers the torso and upper arms. Do not forget to depict the folds.

how to draw a guy step by step

Step 8

Now, with the help of smooth lines, trace the arms so that they are full and smooth. In the same stage, depict the hands with fingers.

guy drawing easy

Step 9

Trace the legs with smooth lines, remembering to depict folds in the knees and ankles. After that, depict the soles and lacing, completing the shape of the sneakers.

guy drawing poses

Step 10

Now get rid of all the auxiliary lines from the guy drawing. After that, add the folds on the T-shirt and jeans, as well as pockets and a fly.

guy drawing step by step

Step 11

So,in the last stage, we will traditionally deal with colors. Using the color palette provided by the artists of or your own color palette, paint the guy.

how to draw a guy

That’s all, dear artists! The instruction on how to draw a guy came to an end. We really look forward to your comments on this instruction and on the as a whole. Write to us your comments and suggestions. We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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