How to Draw Groot

How to Draw Groot

Groot is one of the most attractive characters in Marvel Comics. This guy became especially famous after films about Guardians of the Galaxy. That is why we created a tutorial on how to draw Groot.


Step 1

Firstly, we sketch out the outlines of the head and torso of our character. We will use three rounded shapes for this, which will represent the head, chest, and pelvis. The long longitudinal line is the prototype of the spinal column. In this step, we see no difference from a normal human figure.

how to draw groot step by step

Step 2

So let’s depict long, outstretched arms and legs using ordinary sticks. Also in this step we will mark the inside of the head contour in the form of two crossing lines. The vertical line divides the head into two equal parts and the horizontal line shifts slightly downward relative to the conditional center

how to draw groot easy

Step 3

Large eyes and a small mouth are what we will draw in this step. The eyes appear as large ovals that are elongated horizontally, and the mouth appears as a rather long curved line.

how to draw groot step by step easy

Step 4

Let’s outline the head with a shape that matches the shape of Groot’s head. It is a rounded shape broadening upward and abruptly breaking off to form a jagged edge.

how to draw groot from guardians of the galaxy

Step 5

Now we need to connect the shapes from the first step to get the outlines of the torso. Use a couple of smooth lines to connect the contours of the chest and pelvis. Also in this step, we will draw a couple of smooth lines from the head towards the arms.

how to draw groot cartoon

Step 6

In this step, we will outline the outlines with long, flowing lines. Note that these lines continue well below the pelvis. Avoid bends that are too wide.

groot drawing how to draw

Step 7

And now we will draw long arms. We have a special tutorial on this, so be sure to check it out. You can follow the rules from this tutorial, just lengthen all the lines according to Groot’s proportions.

how to draw groot easy step by step

Step 8

So we are almost done with the rough silhouette of Groot. Now we need to draw the outlines of our hero’s legs. It looks like the long flared pants that were in vogue in the 80s.

how to draw marvel groot

Step 9

Drawing feet is not an easy task. Luckily, our character is leaning on limbs that look like trees.  Let’s draw these limbs.

steps on how to draw groot

Step 10

Groot has a special texture. It is something like a tree, only more elastic. We remember from Marvel movies and comics that this guy is quite mobile. So, let’s sketch out the outlines of the texture, which look like smooth and oblique lines.

groot drawing easy

Step 11

So we continue the guide on how to draw Groot.  In this step, we add a wood texture. You should get something similar to our sample.

groot drawing step by step

Step 12

In this step, we will add colors. As you remember, Groot’s color scheme matches the color scheme of a regular tree. Pay attention to the dark highlights in the eyes, this is quite an important detail that makes the drawing more vivid.

How to Draw Groot

So it was a guide on how to draw Groot. We hope this was a simple drawing guide. If you had any problems with our tutorial, write to us in the comments about it. We will take into account your wishes in our next articles.

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