How to Draw Dog Man

how to draw dog man

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw Dog Man in just a few easy steps with helpful tips.

In this easy tutorial, we’ll show you how to draw Dog Man, the protagonist of Dev Pilka’s book “Dog Man: A Hero Without a Leash”. This character has the head of a dog and the body of a human.

Traditionally, Dog Man is dressed in a blue suit and has a cylindrical cap with a visor on his head. This unusual dog performs heroic deeds, he protects the city from hooligans and restores justice.

The drawing looks very primitive, simple shapes are used here and there are no additional elements. We are sure that you can easily draw Dog Man, even if you have very little experience in drawing.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw Dog Man

  1. Draw the head.

    Determine the size and location of your drawing and draw a figure of the same shape as shown in the to draw dog man in steps

  2. Add elements of the muzzle.

    This will be a very simple step, and now you will see for yourself. Draw the eyes in the form of two even stripes, draw the round nose and put three large dots in front of the to draw dog man step by step

  3. Depict the rest of the elements of the head.

    Draw a long, smooth line to represent the wide mouth. Draw two ears on the back of the head. It looks unrealistic, but very to draw a dog man step by step

  4. Sketch out the cap and torso.

    These elements have the shape of a trapezoid, while on the cap the wide side of the trapezoid is located at the top, and on the body, on the contrary, the wide part of the trapezoid is located to draw dog man easy

  5. Draw the visor and add curly elements.

    Depict a small visor on the cap. Add the same shaped elements on the cap and on the torso, these emblems have a rounded bottom and three spiky ridges at the of how to draw dog man

  6. Depict the arms and legs.

    Use straight and curved lines to draw the arms and legs, which have a simple shape. At the same time, observe all to draw dog man pictures

  7. Add the hands and shoes.

    It remains to draw the missing elements. In this step, add the hands using curved lines and draw the shoes in the form of ovals.learn 2 draw dog man

  8. Correct the inaccuracies.

    Now compare your drawing with the example and correct the mistakes if necessary. Carefully remove all unnecessary lines in your man drawing step by step

  9. Color the drawing.

    Color Dog Man’s body in beige. For clothes, use blue, orange, and blue. Color the shoes to draw dog man

Now you know how to draw Dog Man step by step. We hope that it was not difficult at all and that you quickly went through all the stages of drawing. As usual, we will be waiting for your comments and ideas for the next lessons.


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