How to Draw a Ship

How to Draw a Ship

In this drawing guide we will show you how to draw a ship. We mean a modern ship on which you can take a short trip along the river or get to the other side of the vast ocean.


Step 1

Firstly, we draw a shape that looks like a truncated triangle. Localize this shape in the center of the paper sheet.

how to draw a ship easy


Step 2

The design of our parachute has several features. First of all, you can notice the almost complete absence of straight lines in the lower part of the hull. Therefore, at this stage we will draw smooth lines as in the illustration below.

how to draw a ship for kids

Step 3

To form the front of our vessel, we need to draw another smooth curved line on the right side of our sketch. The pattern should not seem symmetrical.

how to draw a beautiful ship

Step 4

And now we need straight line skills. By the way, if you think that you are pretty poor at drawing straight lines, you can practice a lesson about how to draw a table.

So we will depict the upper part of our ship. First, we will draw a rectangle. Behind the rectangle, we’ll place several straight shapes that look like stairs.

how to draw a big ship step by step

Step 5

A few more straight lines. Draw an elongated rectangle at the very top of our ship. After that, we draw four short longitudinal lines to divide the rectangle into three equal parts.

how to draw a basic ship

Step 6

We have approximate outlines of the ship’s hull. So now we can outline the contours of decorative elements. The smooth line that is located on the lateral side should have exactly the same bend as in our sample. This is very important for the right angle.

how to draw a ship pencil drawing

Step 7

A pair of pipes from which smoke will escape. It is these structural elements of the ship that we will depict in this step.

how to draw a ship images

Step 8

Let’s show the smoke we talked about in the last step. The contours of the smoke is a very important detail because the direction of the smoke conveys the direction of movement of the ship. In our case, the smoke deviates backward and it seems as if the ship is moving forward.

ship drawing easy

Step 9

At this point you should evaluate your drawing. Look at the proportions, the correctness of the shapes and the angle. If you do not see obvious errors, then you can proceed to the final stage.

ship drawing simple

Step 10

Choose any colors for your ship to your taste. We decided to focus on a combination of red and blue. Try to avoid too bright shades.

How to Draw a Ship

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