How to Draw Stairs

how to draw stairs

The team of believes that a true artist should be able to draw anything. And the instruction on how to draw stairs will be just one of these lessons.

This instruction will be just an example and using it, you can draw a staircase of any type. To get started, prepare pencils and paper or a graphics tablet.


Step 1

To draw a flat staircase, you need to draw two parallel straight inclined lines. Use a ruler to keep these lines as straight as possible. If you want to practice your ability to create straight lines, then try to make these lines without a ruler.

how to draw stairs easy

Step 2

Now we depict four more inclined straight lines between the first two, these are workpieces of steps. We also recommend using the ruler if you still can not draw perfectly straight lines. By adjusting the distance between the ladders you can change the look of your stairs.

how to draw basic stairs

Step 3

A little higher than the previous lines, we draw three more strips. You must remember that we do not make all lines thin and translucent. All of these lines should be perfectly flat, clear and dark.

how to draw stairs step by step

Step 4

Connect all the fragments as shown in the figure created by the artists of Now we already have an almost finished staircase. All these lines should be clear, dark and perfectly even.

stairs drawing easy

Step 5

Erase the biggest lines that we drew at the very beginning of the tutorial on how to draw stairs. We also denote the upper and lower boundary of the staircase. So, compare your artwork of stairs with ours. If your sketch looks like an example from our artists, then proceed to the process of painting the stairs.

stairs drawing step by step

Step 6

We decided to paint the staircase in beige. Also at this stage, we depict the shadow of the stairs, depicting an even angle from the upper edge to the lower edge. We have chosen this color, but you can paint your staircase drawing in any color you like.

how to draw stairs

The team of sincerely hopes that with the help of this instruction you were able to learn how to draw a staircase. Share this page with your friends, subscribe to us in social networks and write us your wishes and other comments.


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