How to Draw Charizard

how to draw charizard

Today we will tell you how to draw Charizard. This is one of the most powerful Pokémon ever. Charizard is also one of the most popular Pokémon. Toy dolls in the form of Charizard are instantly sold out. Therefore, we decided to create this particular lesson. We hope that you will get a great result if you follow the sequence of steps.

How to Draw Charizard

Step 1 – Create the basic shapes

Firstly, draw the basic contours of the head and torso. The head looks like a small circle at the top of the face. The body looks like an asymmetrical pear.

how to draw charizard step by step

Step 2 – Depict the eyes

Secondly, draw big eyes. Due to the peculiarities of the angle, one eye has a small size and a more flattened appearance. Note the significant distance between the eyes. Don’t draw them too close to each other.

how to draw charizard easy

Step 3 – Draw the pokemon face

So, we continue the guide on how to draw Charizard. Add the contours of the nose and mouth. It looks like an elongated continuation of the face with slightly curved edges like in the example below.

how to draw cute charizard

Step 4 – Add the nostrils and teeth

Draw the nostrils and fang. These are very small formations. In fact, it’s just a few dots and very small lines.

how to draw charizard with color

Step 5 – Draw the horns of Charizard

Let’s add the horns. These are two small protrusions on the top of the head with very smooth edges. Because of the angle, they differ slightly in size and shape.

how to draw a cartoon charizard

Step 6 – Add the neck

Connect the head and torso with two graceful elongated lines. As a result, you should get a neck that smoothly expands downwards.

how to draw charizard drawing

Step 7 – Draw the front paws

Add upper limbs. This Pokémon is obviously based on the classic dragon. And dinosaurs are the prototype of dragons – that is why we can see small upper limbs and powerful, large lower ones.

how to draw a dragon charizard

Step 8 – Depict the paws and claws

Draw the paws and clawed fingers. This part of the upper limb is much wider and larger than the shoulders and forearms.

how to draw charizard step by step for beginners

Step 9 – Add the outlines of the Pokemon’s legs

And here are the powerful lower limbs. Draw large rounded shapes that are located laterally relative to the torso. Match the proportions of the torso and lower limbs.

how to draw charizard in steps

Step 10 – Draw the claws

Add the outlines of the feet and claws. Try to depict large, powerful forms that are a reliable support for the body. The claws should be directed in different sides.

how to draw charizard in easy way

Step 11 – Draw the tail

Draw the large powerful tail. As you can see, our Pokemon has strong and large parts of the lower half of the torso. Maintain a smooth but noticeable narrowing in the distal direction.

how to draw a little charizard

Step 12 – Highlight the inside of the body

You have probably seen such a detail in drawing cartoon dragons and dinosaurs. This is a lighter part of the body, which is located ventrally from the abdomen to the tip of the tail. Let’s draw this.

how to draw a picture of charizard

Step 13 – Draw the upper parts of the wings

Charizard is the only member of the Charmander family that has wings. This Pokemon is really good at flying. Therefore, let’s draw the upper edges of the wings.

how to draw charizard simple

Step 14 – Add the details of the wings

Draw the inner edging of the wings. Please note that these lines are not directed upwards to create the effect of dense areas on the tops of the wings.

how to draw pokemon charizard step by step

Step 15 – Draw the bottom edges of the wings

Finish drawing the wings. Draw the bottom edges and add a couple of smooth lines to indicate the membranes. The bottom edges are formed by lines that look like the letter “M”.

charizard drawing easy

Step 16 – Draw the flames of Charizard

As you know, all Pokemon of the Charmander family have a distinctive feature. This is the fire at the tip of the tail, which increases with the level of development of the Pokémon. Let’s draw this.

charizard drawing tutorial

Step 17 – Delete all extra lines

Check your drawing. Fix any mistakes you can find. After that, remove all extra lines from the previous steps with the help of an eraser.

charizard drawing color

Step 18 – Color the Pokémon

Everyone remembers what Charizard looks like, right? Use orange, beige and blue to complete this drawing guide and create a really cool art.

how to draw charizard

So you did a great job. We hope that our drawing guide was useful to you. Also, we are waiting for your feedback and your questions. And we will also be glad to hear from you your wishes and ideas regarding topics for new guides. It will help us a lot in work.

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