How to Draw a Dragon

how to draw a dragon

In this drawing lesson we will tell you how to draw a dragon. There are many varieties of dragons, but we decided to choose a dragon that looks like monsters from legends about medieval knights and princesses.


Step 1

We outline the body of our guest from fairy tales using circles and wavy lines. The head is shaped by the longest figure. The body is formed by two figures that look like two ordinary circles.

how to draw a dragon step by step

Step 2

Draw the neck so that it has a smooth extension downward. The line that we will draw should have a more noticeable bend than the neck line from the first step. Draw an eye and a long elongated mouth.

how to draw a dragon art

Step 3

Now draw the outline of a wide powerful wing. Now it looks like an acute angle that is located above the back of our fairytale lizard. Also draw the body of the dragon using the bottom line. It is interrupted in the pelvic area as you can see.

pictures of how to draw a dragon

Step 4

Draw the contours of the paws. Use smooth lines that will convey the graceful bends of the limbs. Paws should expand downwards. Near the fingers should be a slight smooth thickening.

steps of how to draw a dragon

Step 5

We depict the hind legs of our dragon. They differ in length and shape due to the angle and posture. Paws have a thickening in the upper part.

pics of how to draw a dragon

Step 6

Let’s make our dragon’s wings even larger. To do this, we draw their upper contour. The back of the wing should have smooth cuts.

best of how to draw a dragon

Step 7

The appearance of dragons is strikingly similar to the appearance of dinosaurs. There are scientific theories that people came up with dragons after meeting with large descendants of dinosaurs.

And now we will draw a thing that will strengthen the similarity of our dragon with a dinosaur. These are the spikes on the back. You can see large spikes on the head and very small spikes on the tail.

how to draw a dragon cartoon

Step 8

So we continue this drawing instruction on how to draw a dragon. Add short sharp claws to each finger. Claws should be slightly bent downwards.

how to draw a dragon cool

Step 9

Also we carefully look at our dragon, evaluate the correct proportions and elements of each part of the dragon’s body separately. We remove the extra lines from the previous steps.

how to draw a dragon cute and easy

Step 10

There are several colors for dragon skin. Sometimes they are given a sand or brown color. There are also famous drawings with black dragons. We decided to paint the dragon in a traditional green color.
how to draw a dragon

How do you like this lesson? We hope you enjoyed it because we are creating these lessons just for you. If you didn’t get such a dragon as you wanted, you should write to us about where you met the greatest difficulties. You can also see simpler instructions such as a lesson on how to draw an apple.

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