How to Draw the Earth

How to draw the Earth

In this instruction, we will show you how to draw the Earth. This planet Earth drawing tutorial will be very simple, but in the end, you will get a pretty realistic drawing of the Earth.

Our planet is beautiful, there are many amazing corners on it, there are hot deserts, glaciers, forests, and mountains, and most of the planet is occupied by water – oceans, seas, rivers, lakes. The nature of our planet Earth is very diverse, flora and fauna have a huge number of species.

Our task is to take care of the environment because this is our home. From space, the Earth looks fantastic. At such a distant distance, it has blue tints, and in our work, at the very end of the drawing tutorial, we will use two colors – blue and green. We will color the world’s oceans with blue, and we will highlight land areas with green.

If you are ready and your art tools are in front of you, then let’s proceed to the lesson on how to draw the planet Earth easily.


How to Draw the Earth

Step 1 – Draw the Contours of the Earth

To draw the Earth, you first need to draw a large circle. This ball is the outline of our beautiful planet. Try to achieve a perfectly round shape as shown in our example.

How to draw the Earth for beginners

Step 2 – Draw the Outline of the Continent

Using long and curved lines draw the outlines of the continent. In our case, this is North America. But you can draw any other part of the planet Earth.

How to draw the Earth simple

Step 3 – Draw the Second Continent

Now draw another continent just below. As you can see, this is South America. Do not forget to draw Greenland at the top. As we said above, you can draw any other continent, such as Europe, Africa, Asia, or Australia.

How to draw the Earth step by step

Step 4 – Make the Final Touches

Compare your drawing of the planet Earth with our example, and try to find possible mistakes to correct them. If they are not there, and your Earth drawing looks good, then start coloring.

How to draw the Earth easy

Step 5 – Color the Planet Earth Drawing

Use blue to paint the ocean. Since we are drawing America, we decided to use green for the continents. Do not forget that Greenland (despite its name) should not be green, but white.

How to draw the Earth

Today we showed you how to draw the Earth. We have drawn that part of our huge planet where North and South America is located. We hope that everything turned out well for you and that you have carefully drawn the boundaries between the mainland and the world’s oceans.

Have you forgotten to leave the island of Greenland, which is located in the northeast of North America, white? Greenland is also called the land of ice and icebergs, it has a majestic nature and attracts many tourists and travelers. Studying the geography of our planet is very exciting.

In the next drawing lessons, we will be happy to introduce you to new drawings related to geography. Please share in the comments what exactly you will be interested in learning about our planet? What would you like to draw?

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