How to Draw a Soccer Ball

How to draw a soccer ball

Today we will tell you how to draw a soccer ball.We mean an ordinary classic ball with an appearance that is familiar to everyone.


Step 1

When we drew vegetables, we said that you should not try to make the figures perfectly even. There is no perfect symmetry In nature, it is true. However, today we depicture a soccer ball and now we need to draw smooth and clear contours at every step.

So in this step we will depict a circle. It will be great if you can design an even symmetrical circle without using of auxiliary tools.

How to draw a ball easy

Step 2

There are many different design options for soccer balls. We decided to choose a classic look that is formed by black and white panels. Now we will depict two pentagonal panels. Pay attention to the location and shape of these panels.
How to draw a ball

Step 3

Let’s draw two more pentagons which are located on the sides. These pentagons should be slightly different in shape. In fact, they are the same, and the visual difference is formed by the angle.

How to draw a soccer ball for beginners

Step 4

In this step, we depict lines from each of the corners of the pentagonal figures from the second and third steps. The lines that are located in the center are almost straight. The lines near the edges should be smoothly curved as in our illustration:
How to draw a soccer ball easy

Step 5

We highlight this step as a separate action so that you can relax, rest and take a fresh look at your pattern. Now you should carefully look at our soccer ball and correct any inaccuracies that exist.

Soccer ball drawing tutorial

Step 6

Classic style is the coolest in design, right? Our soccer ball is designed in this style. Classic style is the coolest in design, right? Our soccer ball is designed in this style. Therefore, we paint over four pentagons in black. The rest of the surface of the ball is left unpainted.
How to draw a soccer ball

We hope you have a great classic soccer ball. Try to use as little auxiliary tools as possible, such as a ruler or compass. Over time, you can stop using these tools and draw what you want.

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