How to Draw Rapunzel

how to draw rapunzel

In this easy step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw Rapunzel in just a few steps. I am sure that this lesson will be useful for you.

In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to draw Rapunzel, the main character of the popular fairy tale. You probably know the amazing story about a girl with long hair that had magical properties.

For several years, Rapunzel lived in a high tower and considered her mother an evil sorceress. The sorceress climbed the tower using Rapunzel’s long hair.

At some point, the life of the beautiful Rapunzel changed, she got rid of her seclusion, met a beautiful young man and fell in love with him, so the fairy tale has a good ending.

Rapunzel is very curious, energetic, and determined. She loves adventure and is interested in learning new things. In this lesson, you will draw Rapunzel in a standing pose, the girl’s arms are crossed on her chest, her bare feet are wide apart. Try to correctly depict this position of the body.

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Rapunzel

  1. Draw the base.

    Depict three oval shapes that will help you determine the location and size of the head, thoracic region and to draw rapunzel step by step

  2. Add the arms and legs.

    Draw thin lines to help you depict the position of the arms and legs. With large dots, depict the joints on the arms and to draw rapunzel easy

  3. Depict guidelines for the face and torso.

    On the head, draw two transverse lines that will help in the future to correctly position the facial features. Add the neck and side contours of the to draw rapunzel step by step easy

  4. Draw the arms.

    Now you have to draw the forearm and lower part of the arms, to do this, draw a few smooth lines and give the arms the necessary to draw rapunzel step by step with pictures

  5. Add the bottom of the dress and legs.

    Draw smooth lines down from the waist and use one curved line to draw the bottom contour of the dress, which is shaped like the bell. Then draw the outline of the bottom of the to draw rapunzel draw so cute

  6. Sketch out the eyes.

    Use a guideline to place the eyes correctly. First draw the outer outline, then add the iris, pupil, and to draw rapunzel disney

  7. Draw the outline of the face and ear.

    The moment has come when you can give the face the right shape. Use smooth lines to outline the face and to draw disney princess rapunzel step by step

  8. Add the rest of the facial features.

    Now add the eyebrows, nose, mouth, and the inside of the ear. Try to keep all proportions when drawing facial features so that in the end Rapunzel is easily recognizable. how to draw rapunzel for beginners

  9. Depict the top part of the hair.

    When the face is already drawn, you can start drawing the hair. With smooth lines, draw the hair above the forehead and add the rest of the hair to draw rapunzel pictures

  10. Sketch out the arms.

    Make the outline of the arms clearer, while using the lines that you drew earlier. Draw the fingers and curly edge of the to draw princess rapunzel easy

  11. Detail the clothes.

    To depict the corset, to do this, draw smooth curved lines on the sides, draw lace at the bottom with the help of wavy lines and draw lacing in the to draw disney princess rapunzel

  12. Refine the outline of the dress.

    To give the dress the right shape, for this, draw clear, smooth lines and add the few folds along the bottom of the to draw rapunzel so cute

  13. Draw the outline of the legs and bottom flounce on the dress.

    On the bottom edge of the dress, consistently draw small semicircular lines. Carefully outline the bare feet along the outline and add the to draw rapunzel simple

  14. Add the rest of the hair.

    Rapunzel has amazingly long hair that hangs down freely and forms several curves. With the help of smooth lines, depict the rest of the to draw rapunzel with easy steps

  15. Color Rapunzel.

    When all the main contours are ready, you can start coloring. Use some bright colors to color Rapunzel’s body and to draw rapunzel

Finally, you have gone through all the stages of drawing and can evaluate the result of your work. If you carefully and accurately completed all the stages of drawing, then Rapunzel should be easily recognizable. Write your opinion about this lesson in the comments. We read your feedback and suggestions with great interest.

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