How to Draw a Squirrel

How to Draw a Squirrel

We continue to acquaint you with how to draw animals, and now we will show you how to draw a squirrel easily and very quickly.

It is a very common rodent that is found on almost all continents. We could meet this animal in various books, films, and cartoons. For example, Sandy from the animated series Spongebob is a squirrel, as well as Scrat from the Ice Age.

In this instruction on how to draw a squirrel, we will create an image of a very realistic squirrel using eleven very simple steps.


Step 1

Firstly, draw the head and torso as two ovals. With these ovals, we not only create the main body parts of the squirrel but also place the animal on a sheet of paper.

how to draw a squirrel for kids

Step 2

Now draw the ears at the top of the head. Note that the inner sides of the ears should be turned outward. Don’t forget to depict the cartilage inside the ear closest to us.

how to draw a squirrel easy

Step 3

Now, with very simple and smooth lines, depict a small and neat muzzle of the squirrel. Connect the head and neck with a couple of simple lines.

how to draw a squirrel step by step

Step 4

Draw a huge eye and a small nose. To be sure of the proportionality of the squirrel drawing, look at it from time to time through a mirror.

how to draw a beautiful squirrel

Step 5

Now go down a little lower and depict small arms with small fingers and sharp claws. The arms should taper smoothly from the shoulders to the wrists.

how to draw a squirrel for beginners

Step 6

Now let’s move a little further down to draw the legs of the squirrel. Start by drawing the top parts of the legs with smooth, simple lines.

how to draw a squirrel step by step cartoon

Step 7

Now draw long feet with small toes and sharp claws. Please note that the legs of the squirrel should be noticeably larger than the arms.

how to draw a cute squirrel easy

Step 8

Now let’s depict one of the squirrel’s most distinctive details, that is, its fluffy tail. Draw this part of the body with short, smooth lines, creating a characteristic curve.

how to draw a cartoon squirrel step by step

Step 9

Now finish drawing the squirrel’s tail by depicting the bottom edge with the same short strokes. You can add additional touches to increase the fluffiness of the tail.

how to draw a squirrel draw so cute

Step 10

Now, with the help of an eraser, get rid of all the constructive lines from the squirrel drawing created in the first stages. For a more complete look, try outlining the artwork with darker lines.

how to draw a little squirrel

Step 11

We painted the squirrel brown, the chest and lower face a light brown, and the inside of the ears and nose pinky brown. The eye should be painted black, leaving a small white highlight in it.

How to Draw a Squirrel

Add some shadows to give the squirrel drawing a three-dimensional look. You can also make your rodent drawing more detailed by depicting the texture of the fur with a lot of short strokes.

If the guide on how to draw a squirrel interested you, and you want to learn how to draw other living things, visit our category Animals.

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