How to Draw an Anchor

how to draw an anchor

In this tutorial, the team of will show you how to draw an anchor. This drawing will be useful for those who want to draw an anchor separately, a ship or a tattoo.

This instruction will be traditionally simple and will consist of nine elementary stages, all the new lines in which we have painted red.

So what do you need to draw an anchor? Everything is very simple because you can use both a pencil with paper and a graphics tablet. If everything is ready, then let’s get started!


Step 1

First, depict the shank (vertical central part) of the anchor. So, sketch two lines as did the artists of the in the example below.

how to draw an anchor easy

Step 2

Using several curved lines, depict the crown (the part that clings to the ground) of the anchor. The arms of the anchor should taper closer to the tips.

how to draw an anchor step by step easy

Step 3

A very simple stage in which we depict the stock (bar at the top) of the anchor. It serves to provide the anchor with such a position on the ground, in which the palms cut into the ground.

how to draw an anchor easy

Step 4

At the top, depict a ring using two semicircles. It serves to put a rope into this ring. You can make this ring round, oval or square.

how to draw an anchor step by step

Step 5

Create palms at the ends of the arms of the anchor. They should taper smoothly to the tips so that the anchor can cut into the ground under water.

how to draw a cute anchor

Step 6

So let’s now draw a rope. In our example, the rope traditionally encircles the anchor in a spiral. An anchor can be either thick or thin as in our example.

how to draw an anchor easily

Step 7

Let’s now depict a texture on the surface of the rope. To do this, depict a large number of transverse lines, as did the artists of in the example below.

how to draw navy anchor

Step 8

Now take an eraser and get rid of all guidelines from the drawing of the anchor. Use a dark pencil or ink to trace your artwork so that it looks crisp and clear.

how to draw a traditional anchor

Step 9

If the main lines are completed, then it’s time to paint the anchor. The anchor itself can be painted black or gray, and the rope brown.

how to draw an anchor

As you may have noticed, it was simple to learn how to draw an anchor. Write to us about what you think about these instructions. We read all your comments and respond to many of them.

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