How to Draw Patrick Star

How to draw Patrick Star

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw Patrick Star. The cartoon style of drawing is deceptively simple. It would seem that it could be easier than to draw a funny fatty starfish? There is one problem. If you draw a well-known character, even the slightest mistake can ruin his recognizable appearance.

Therefore, be especially careful in such lessons. We have prepared these steps for you so that you get the perfect result.


Step 1

Firstly, we draw a circle. It should be a little flattened circle because our hero is quite well-fed. This circle should be located slightly below the center of the sheet of paper.

How to draw Patrick Star easy step by step

Step 2

Let’s outline the large process that looks like an elongated cap. Avoid sharp corners. You could see it with real starfish. However, a feature of animation in our case is the absence of sharp corners. Patrick is a pretty soft and kind character, so sharp corners are not needed here.

How to draw Patrick Star step by step easy

Step 3

Add two more processes. As conceived by Stephen McDannell Hillenburg, these processes should be similar to arms and legs. Patrick looks very awkward due to short unstable legs. So in our case, the “arms” should be significantly larger than the “legs”.

How to draw Patrick Star from Spongebob

Step 4

In this step, we will draw the eyes of our Patrick. Pay attention to the pupils. This is a very important detail, in fact, because it is the position of the pupils that forms the gaze. As you know, Patrick is pretty dumb. Therefore, his pupils should be located so that the gaze does not express anything.

How to draw Patrick Star step by step

Step 5

Patrick usually smiles. He is amused by Squidward’s sadness, SpongeBob’s concern, or Mr. Krabs’s panic when he saw a drop in profits. Even his own troubles often amuse this guy. Therefore, in this step, we will draw a smiling mouth that looks like a triangle with smoothly curved lines.

Every fan of SpongeBob knows these eyebrows in the form of the letter “N”, let’s draw it.

How to draw Patrick Star for beginners

Step 6

This is probably the shortest step in the history of our site. Using two smoothly curved lines, we denote the language. After that, we outline the navel and points on the body as in our sample.

How to draw Patrick Star easy

Step 7

So we continue the guide on how to draw Patrick Star. This guy rarely appeared in a tuxedo. His traditional clothes are rather wide shorts. Let’s outline the outlines of Patrick’s shorts in this step.

Patrick Star drawing lesson

Step 8

So, if you correctly followed the sequence of steps and did not make errors in the proportions, in this step we only need to remove the extra lines. If you find any errors, correct it before we begin to colorize.

Patrick Star drawing tutorial

Step 9

Probably, this step will not be difficult for real fans of SpongeBob. These well-recognized colors are known to everyone who watched several episodes of the story about the inhabitants of the seabed. Use a light pink color for Patrick’s torso, head, and limbs. The main color for swimming trunks is light green. The patterns on the fabric look like light blue petals.

How to draw Patrick Star

So it was a drawing instruction on How to Draw Patrick Star. EasyDrawingArt team prepared it especially for you. We hope that you have felt your progress in the art after completing this lesson. See you soon, dear readers of!

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